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AI Studio – next-gen chatbots, customer assistants, live chat + integrations

AI Studio – next-gen chatbots, customer assistants, live chat + integrations


Transform your stack, in minutes and upgrade the way you handle customers with our WordPress plug-in for EBI.AI’s AI Studio. In the next 30 minutes you could be live with a next-gen AI driven chatbot / customer assistant delivering increased capacity and customer satisfaction, all whilst slashing costs.

Our exclusive auto-gen technology transforms your website URL into a state of the art AI assistant, in minutes – with 99% accuracy, immediate conversational response, +130 languages, live chat, app integrations and water-tight data compliance. Try for free, for 30 days, no card details required.

Top 5 reasons our business owners love AI Studio

  1. Time to Value – using auto-gen to produce your AI assistant from your existing URL, means you can go live to real customers, after testing and refinements, within minutes
  2. Unparalleled accuracy – you can trust your automation with greater accuracy than a human agent from day 1 and continual live improvements optimising the last 0.1%. (See below for technical specifications on how our AI benefits from LLMs like Chat-GPT but keeps it very separate to your customer interface and data)
  3. 24/7 reliability and consistency – no more missed opportunities or need for “out of hours” expectation management, let your AI assistant do the leg work, resolve the majority of contacts immediately and take the unpopular shifts
  4. Better solutions, lower costs – 533% ROI within 6 months, plus month on month improvement to core metrics make it a short cut to transforming the value created by customer service
  5. We’ve made it so easy – our +20 years data engineering experience makes our platform intuitive, we’ve solved for the back-end experience not just the end-user, taking the complexity out of AI transformation, data integration and compliance

Key benefits

  • 24/7 automation, over 90% accuracy on day 1

  • Free live chat and unlimited seats

  • No hidden costs, upselling or unfair pricing

  • Auto-gen technology turns your URL into a fully compliant assistant, in minutes

What to expect:

Access to AI Studio

AI Studio is your all-in-one platform for your AI assistant, free live chat & reporting.

No engineering skills are required for installation or up-keep

Designed to create a brilliant outcome for anyone, at any level, in any business from generalist entrepreneurs, customers agents, marketers, engineers, product leads, sales or HR. Going live takes minutes and its simpler than setting up a social media account – no coding, complex node trees or workflow diagrams.

99% accuracy

Benefit from 9+ years of learning as our AI technology and human in the loop processes ensure you achieve extremely high accuracy rates and provide amazing customer experience with zero hallucinations. We integrated GPT within 6 week’s of it’s launch, safely. Read more here.

Background training & growth provided by EBI.AI experts

Training and growth of your AI is provided by our team of linguists and AI experts behind the scenes as standard within AI Studio. Accept or reject notifications to improve to your AI assistant driven by actual customer requests.

Immediate time to value

Transform your stack, in minutes. Remove all the stress of managing customer enquiries and witness the pressure on any customer support team fade away. UK local council, Barking and Dagenham Council, achieved 533% ROI in just 6 months with their AI assistant.

Security and privacy is highest priority

Enterprise grade security and privacy standards, especially valued by our highly regulated clients in industries like insurance and finance. Alongside early-stage or small businesses with little or no knowledge of the pitfalls when handling customer data.

Free live chat

For enquiries that require human support live chat is included for free with unlimited seats.

Customer reviews

“The ability to take information directly from our site and present that to customers has delivered major change. I believe out of the huge range of customer digital transformation I have delivered that our AI assistant has been one of the best projects and has delivered consistently since being installed. Honestly, we couldn’t have chosen a better company or solution for our AI based chat system.”


~ John Branigan, Director of IT and Transformation for Mytime Active

“We chose EBI.AI as our provider because they promised a hassle-free process to deploy an AI assistant on their platform, and they absolutely delivered. Their implementation was seamless, exceeding our expectations. We noticed an instant reduction in email enquiries, thanks to their solution. What surprised us even more was the high success rate from the start, and it’s only been growing. Our members have effortlessly embraced and interacted with our AI assistant, and we’re excited to expand its usage even further in the upcoming year.”


~ Rachael Pearson, Head of Marketing and Digital for The Camping and Caravanning Club


We’re on a mission to help every business benefit from AI driven customer support. Whether you’re a blue-chip company or a bootstrapped start-up, everyone gets the same premium features. 

  1. 30 days free and no credit card required to sign up
  2. Pay as you grow pricing plan ideal for growing businesses
  3. No hidden costs, upselling or unfair pricing
  4. Free forever if you stay below 100 requests per month



  1. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard, then find the “Plugins” menu.
  2. Click on “Add New” and search for EBI.AI
  3. Activate the plug in using the Plugins menu in WordPress
  4. Click the EBI.AI menu on the left
  5. Get started in minutes or log in if you already have an account



Can I try my assistant before going live on my website?

Yes! Simply press the ‘Try my AI’ button and review your AI. We recommend going live ASAP as our human in the loop and training process ensures your AI assistant grows immediately from launch.

How can I ensure training and growth of my assistant?

Our conversation review process suggests training and new responses based on conversations your customers are having with your AI assistant. This process is how we achieve up to 99% accuracy for you and your AI assistant.

Can I auto-generate my assistant from a URL?

Yes you can create a bespoke AI assistant from your URL in minutes. Simply enter your URL on the sign up process. Feel free to add more ‘flows’ (question and response pairs) if required to handle more requests.

Do I need engineering skills to build an AI assistant?

No. AI Studio has been designed to be used by any member of your team from a copywriter to an engineer and everyone in between. There are no technical skills required.

Who are EBI.AI?

Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to create and manage an AI assistant. Cut costs across your organisation, reduce call volumes, handle staff shortages, automate sales and marketing, and increase brand loyalty, ready to focus on profitable and rewarding tasks that need the human touch.


May 27, 2024
AI Studio is a very useful, convenient, and user-friendly tool that has helped our team incorporate AI into our system. The tool itself is very easy to follow—they have a lot of useful guides that will help you use their product efficiently even when you don’t have any background with AI itself. Biggest factor as well for me is its “human-in-the-loop” feature which enables you to train your AI to answer much more complex enquiries. This feature allows you to have more control over your AI assistant’s responses to make sure it gives the right information. All in all, the tool is very easy to use, quick to install, and gets the job done.
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“AI Studio – next-gen chatbots, customer assistants, live chat + integrations” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Contributors & Developers

“AI Studio – next-gen chatbots, customer assistants, live chat + integrations” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.