The English locales shared glossary…

The English locales shared glossary now includes a comparison tab for comparing strings changes between any two of the English locales.

This should aid locales exporting translations from another English locale to import into their own English locale.

Props to @lukecarbis for adding this functionality

+en-ca, +en-gb, +en-nz, +en-za

#en-au, #en-ca, #en-gb, #en-nz, #en-za

I’ve just added Glossary and…

I’ve just added Glossary and Get Involved pages and a link to this team O2 to Props to @garyj from #en-gb for both the above pages.

Welcome to Your Team’s O2!

We’re happy to give each locale team their own blog, allowing you to coordinate easier, right on You can customize this site and add pages, as needed. If you have questions, let the meta team know.

How to use O2

O2 is a combination of a theme and a plugin that allows for easier collaboration. Here are a few features that will be helpful for coordinating your team’s activities:

  1. @mentions: Mention anyone on the network by putting an @ in front of their username. Members of your locale sites (including your main site, your forums, and O2) are automatically added to autocomplete.
  2. Tags: Tagging can be added easily right inside of posts and comments. For example, #welcome tags this post with “welcome.” Click on a tag and to see all tagged posts.
  3. Cross posts: Cross post to another O2 site on by using the + symbol. You can cross post to any site that’s using O2.

That’s it! Enjoy your new blog and file meta tickets if you run into any issues.