We have been getting quite a few questions via the contact form. Here are the common questions and answers.

1. I lost my password: You can find help here Resetting Your Password « WordPress Codex or if you are using then try here Passwords — Support —

2. My site is not loading/working: Try to find your answer here

4. Issues with a site should be directed to the Support site.

5. A WordPress site has information I want taken down. You need to contact the site owner or their web host. WordPress is open source software users can install on a web server, it is not hosted by us. If it is on a site then you should report it here A good resource on this topic is available here What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content « Lorelle on WordPress.

If you need help post it at the support forum at, if the issue is related to this version of WordPress tag your post en-au.