WordPress Multisite User Sync/Unsync


WordPress Multisite User Sync/Unsync plugin can sync/unsync users from one site (blog) to the other sites (blogs) in your WordPress Multisite Network.


  • Sync/Unsync individual user.
  • Sync/Unsync to single site.
  • Sync/Unsync to multiple site.
  • Sync/Unsync to all site.

PRO Features

  • Sync automatically user in WordPress Multisite Network sites when user add/update/register.
  • User Sync Type options: ‘Auto Sync’ and ‘Manual Sync’.
  • Auto User Sync Type options: ‘All sites’, ‘Main site to sub sites’ and ‘Sub site to main site’.
  • Auto Unsync option: Enable/Disable auto unsync when user delete.
  • Bulk sync/unsync users.
  • Individual sync/unsync user.
  • Frontend register user will automatically sync.
  • Sync/Unsync user to single site.
  • Sync/Unsync user to multiple site.
  • Also, support WooCommerce customers.

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WordPress API Based Sync Plugins (WordPress Single Separate Sites)


  • User Roles: Select user roles you want to give individual sync/unsync access.


Individual Sync/Unsync: You can sync/unsync individual users from one site to the other sites. Please follow the below steps.

  • Edit any user.
  • You will see ‘WordPress Multisite User Sync/Unsync’ section.
  • Select destination sites you want sync/unsync.
  • Click on ‘Sync/Unsync’ button.


  • Individual sync/unsync user.
  • Settings.


This plugin only works with WordPress Multisite, will not work in a single site, and must be network activated.

  • Multi-domains. For example: example.site1, example.site2
  • Sub-domains. For example: site1.example.com, site2.example.com
  • Sub-directories. For example: example.com/site1, example.com/site2

WordPress Multisite Network Dashboard

  1. Go to ‘Network Admin’ -> ‘Plugins’ -> ‘Add New’.
  2. Click on ‘Upload Plugin’.
  3. Upload plugin zip.
  4. Activate plugin.


  1. Unzip plugin zip.
  2. Upload the unzip plugin folder to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…).
  3. Go to ‘Network Admin’ -> ‘Plugins’.
  4. Activate plugin.


May 5, 2021
Like others have mentioned, the "useless as is" 1 star review really isn't deserved here. But it's somewhat understandable because I was also trying to use this plugin for that same purpose. HOWEVER, I ended up combining this plugin with the "Force Login" plugin to get the results I wanted! This plugin gives a convenient way for me to add users to sites, and Force Login makes it so they are locked out of sites they haven't been added to.
April 6, 2020
I have been looking for a plugin that can save time and man this one was a godsend. Let me address the person who left a one-star review. He says there is no time saving because you can't add multiple users to one site. Hello..., the name of the plugin is Multisite User Synch. Meaning, it is supposed to sync the user of one site with multiple sites. Not the other way around. You reviewed the plugin for something they did not claim. If you are fair, maybe you realize it now and remove that. They deserve a thank you. This plugin is for someone like me, who has 300 sites on one installation and need to add new support people to all of them without giving them Superadmin access. Here I can add a new support person to ALL Subsites in less than a minute! I don't understand people who give a one-star review to a FREE plugin without thinking beyond their own use. I am a heavy multisite user and have gotten all their plugins including the one on Envato, I really think they should be thanked for spending time creating a few plugins for multisite users who are not that many. One small suggestion to the plugin creators. When I was trying to sync users of the sites, initially I didn't realize I have to start from the main site. I was looking for that option in the network menu under the setting. Maybe on the setting page where we select the role, you can add a link, or maybe we can choose a site that we want to link with along with users there? Anyways, thank you for this plugin.
November 28, 2018
Since you can only sync one user at a time, it's no faster than just going to the target subsite and adding an existing user from the main site or other subsite. The only difference between using this plugin or adding existing is I have to type a few letters in to choose existing. No big deal, even if I'm adding many and don't know all their names. I can just keep another tab open with those users listed at the other site that I'm pulling from. So why do I need another plugin running on my site that doesn't really add any functionality and doesn't save any real time? Give us some sort of function like maybe a limit of 20 users at a time. Else it's more like a blatant advertisement for pro version.
September 5, 2017
We needed some custom coding done to make the plugin work better with our implementation of Ultimate Member. Obtain Infotech were more than happy to work with us to make the required code changes to their plugin - and at no charge as well! Brilliant - thank you so much.
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