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RSVP and Event Tickets, Event Management, Events Calendar Plugin

RSVP and Event Tickets, Event Management, Events Calendar Plugin


WP Easy Events Starter Demo Site
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WP Easy Events is an easy to use yet powerful event management plugin.

How to sell event tickets using WP Easy Events and WooCommerce

The following article provides step by step instructions on how to sell variable-priced (for example; kids, adults, seniors), multi-session (each session can happen in different date/times or venues) tickets for a yoga class on a recurring schedule.

Click here to read the article

Using WP Easy Events, event organizers and planners can host multiple events in various event venues under their own brand or name.

Organizers, venues and events have their own pages. Attendees can RSVP to any event using any event page.

Once registered, each attendee is issued an event ticket which can be printed from any browser and presented to your event staff during check-ins.

It is also perfect for corporate events. You can create and display events such as:

  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Executive Retreats and Incentive Programs
  • Golf Events
  • Appreciation Events
  • Company or Organization Milestones
  • Team Building Events
  • Product Launch Events

WP Easy Events Pro offers all-in-one, best-in-class event management for all types of events of any size.

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Features – Simplify Event Management for success

* WP Easy Events Starter Demo Site
* WP Easy Events Starter Documentation
* WP Easy Events Professional Demo Site
* WP Easy Events Professional Documentation
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* WP Easy Events Enterprise Demo Site
* WP Easy Events Enterprise Documentation
* WP Easy Events Enterprise Changes

This plugin’s code was generated by WP App Studio Professional WordPress Design and Development Platform based on the plugin’s design. You can develop a plugin like WP Easy Events using WP App Studio plugin and sell its designs by becoming a SellDev author

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We use the 3rd Party Services below:
1- maps.google.com to display maps for addresses.
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2- www.youtube.com to watch the tutorial videos.
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3-https://api.emarketdesign.com to optin for usage information.
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  • Events can be categorized, tagged, be linked to multiple organizer and a venue. Easy install and setup using Setup assistant.
  • Each event resides in its own page supporting Google Calendar and iCal exporting, Responsive Event grid, and RSVP button. Featured and Recent event sidebar widgets are available.
  • Events can be hosted by multiple organizers. Each organizer has his/her own page which display hosted events as well as organizer info.
  • Venue pages displays venue map with marker and tooltip (can be disabled). Events happening listed below venue info.
  • WP Easy Events supports RSVP and no registration out-of-the-box. In RSVP type, attendee info is stored and a fully customizable ticket is sent via email. Attendees can view and print their tickets any time.
  • Fully customizable event calendar with multiple color schemes. Configure calendar settings to customize the event calendar
  • RSVP form can be customized by enabling or disabling fields, making fields required or optional.
  • Purchase WP Easy Events Pro Plugin is one of the most fully featured event management and ticketing plugin ever built for WordPress. It is an all-in-one turn key solution for all types of events.
  • Purchase EMD QR Code Extension allows QR code processing in tickets by staff members
  • Purchase WP Easy Events WooCommerce extension
  • Purchase WP Easy Events Easy Digital Downloads extension
  • EMD Smart Search and Columns Extension – Find what’s important faster creating custom reports
  • EMD CSV Import Export Extension – Bulk import/export/update/reset events, venues organizers and attendees from/to CSV files


The simplest way to install is to click on ‘Plugins’ then ‘Add’ and type ‘WP Easy Events’ in the search field.

Manual Installation Type 1

  • Login to your website and go to the Plugins section of your admin panel.
  • Click the Add New button.
  • Under Install Plugins, click the Upload link.
  • Select the plugin zip file from your computer then click the Install Now button.
  • You should see a message stating that the plugin was installed successfully.
  • Click the Activate Plugin link.

Manual Installation Type 2

  • You should have access to the server where WordPress is installed. If you don’t, see your system administrator.
  • Copy the plugin zip file up to your server and unzip it somewhere on the file system.
  • Copy the “wp-easy-events” folder into the /wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress installation.
  • Login to your website and go to the Plugins section of your admin panel.
  • Look for “WP Easy Events” and click Activate.


August 14, 2018
This is a simple product to implement. The separations of events, organizers, venues and attendees is Great! You put them all together in building your event and the information is reusable.
April 12, 2017
This does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Easy to use and works great with any event you’re trying to organise…
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Contributors & Developers

“RSVP and Event Tickets, Event Management, Events Calendar Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • FIXED error on activation


  • TWEAK tested with WP 6.4.2
  • TWEAK updated sanitization


  • TWEAK Standardized the translation to one textdomain


  • TWEAK tested with WP 6.2
  • FIXED XSS issues in the WordPress admin area


  • TWEAK tested with WP 5.9.2 and PHP 8
  • FIXED XSS issues in the WordPress admin area
  • TWEAK Added ability to set the maximum number of events to show in multiple sidebar widgets.
  • TWEAK Added ability to set pagination support with customization options for multiple sidebar widgets.


  • TWEAK tested with WP 5.8.1


  • TWEAK tested with WP 5.7


  • TWEAK fixes and improvements for better performance and compatibility


  • NEW Added version numbers to js and css files for caching purposes
  • TWEAK updates to translation strings and libraries
  • TWEAK tested with WP 5.5.1


  • TWEAK updates and improvements to form library
  • NEW Added previous and next buttons for the edit screens of events, organizers and attendees


  • NEW Added support for Emd Custom Field Builder when upgraded to premium editions
  • TWEAK updates and improvements to form library
  • TWEAK Emd templates


  • TWEAK Cleaned up unnecessary code and optimized the library file content.
  • FIXED XSS related issues.
  • NEW Added Emd form builder support.
  • FIXED Session cleanup workflow by creating a custom table to process records.


  • TWEAK compatibility update and performance improvements


  • FIXED Event Organizer and Performer relationships not displaying properly


  • FIXED Event tickets not displaying properly


  • FIXED Minor issues related to the templating system


  • NEW Created a new shortcode page which displays all available shortcodes. You can access this page under the plugin settings.
  • TWEAK Emd templating system to match modern web standards
  • FIXED Minor enhancements for better compatibility with WordPress 5.x


  • FIXED Organizer connection producing errors when disabled from the plugin settings.
  • TWEAK Updated the emd templating system reducing CSS file size and improving layout display.


  • TWEAK compatibility update and performance improvements


  • TWEAK library updates for better stability and compatibility


  • FIXED issue with multiple RSVP forms on venue and organizer pages
  • TWEAK library updates


  • TWEAK Updated calendar library and added language support
  • NEW Added custom JavaScript option in plugin settings under Tools tab
  • FIXED RSVP form to autofill name if user is logged in
  • FIXED PHP 7 compatibility
  • TWEAK Updated codemirror libraries for custom CSS and JS options in plugin settings


  • NEW Added support for EMD MailChimp extension
  • FIXED WP Sessions security vulnerability


  • TWEAK Added From name and address to RSVP notifications
  • NEW Added ability to use EMD or theme templating system
  • NEW Ability to set page template for event, venue, organizer pages. Options are sidebar on left, sidebar on right or full width
  • NEW EMD Widget area to include sidebar widgets in plugin pages
  • NEW Ability enable/disable any field and taxonomy from backend and/or frontend
  • NEW Ability to add custom CSS in plugin\’s frontend pages
  • NEW Ability to limit event forms to logged-in users only from plugin settings.
  • NEW Added featured image for organizers and venues
  • NEW EMD Advanced Filters and Columns Extension for finding what\’s important faster
  • NEW EMD CSV Import Export Extension for bulk importing/exporting events, organizers, venues, attendees and the relationship data among each other
  • TWEAK Many minor fixes and improvements


  • Added woo and edd extensions
  • Added registration type
  • Added attendee list


  • Added translation support for button labels


  • Updated admin notice and made translation files compatible with the WordPress.org repository


  • Initial release