Tikkie Fast Checkout


The Tikkie Fast Checkout plugin allows customers to quickly purchase your products with only three clicks. Add the Tikkie Fast Checkout button to your product detail page and/or cart overview and customers can purchase your products without having to create an account.

Features & Compatibility

  • Add Tikkie Fast Checkout button to the product detail page
  • Add Tikkie Fast Checkout button to the cart overview
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Product Bundles
  • Compatible with YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Premium

To sign up for Tikkie Fast Checkout, visit the registration page (in Dutch)

For more information about Fast Checkout or pricing, visit the information page (in Dutch)

Developer Documentation

The Fast Checkout button can be placed with the function tk_show_button(). It has a few parameters to customize how the button looks.
The button can be placed anywhere you’d like in your template (for example in the header/footer), and according to the plugin settings it will be hidden/shown on the product detailpages and shopping cart page.


It is not possible to pay by Tikkie Fast Checkout on the Woocommerce checkout-page.
Tikkie Fast Checkout can currently only be used for orders shipped within The Netherlands.
Discounts not applied via coupons are currently not supported


  • Fast Checkout button on a product detail page
  • Fast Checkout button on a cart overview
  • Fast Checkout page
  • Cart overview in Fast Checkout
  • Settings overview


  1. Install the plugin via the WordPress repository or FTP
  2. Fill out the application to receive a test API Key and Merchant Token
  3. Enter them and configure the plugin
  4. Try the plugin!

How to go Live

  1. Become a Tikkie Business User
  2. Receive your production API Key and Merchant Token
  3. Enter them and configure the plugin
  4. Activate production mode


How does the Tikkie Fast Checkout work?

The integration of Tikkie Fast Checkout on your website enables your clients to experience a more smooth and fast checkout. Your client can skip the shopping cart and place an order without having to log in or fill in his/her address details. The Fast Checkout button can de added to the PDP (Product Detail Page) and/or placed in the shopping cart before the checkout page.

How do I get started with Tikkie Fast Checkout?

In this store you are able to download the plug-in. In order to receive your test keys, please fill in the following form (in Dutch). After having applied for the keys you will also receive instructions on how to configure the plug-in and finally go into production with the live keys.

What are the costs?

For Tikkie we have the following cost structure per transaction. Every month will be individually calculated:

Price per Transaction

<101 Transactions
€ 0,25

101 – 500 Transactions
€ 0,20

>500 Transactions
€ 0,15

Where can I create my API Key/Merchant Token?

In order to obtain the test Key/Merchant Token you will need to fill in the application form via the following link (in Dutch). Depending on whether you are already have a Tikkie account you will also receive the live Key/Merchant Token.

Why does the plug-in not work when going to production?

When going to production you have to make sure that you check the box that says ‘enable production mode’. A warning will appear in red to inform you that test-mode is disabled and that real payments will be processed from now on.

How can I customize the appearance of the Fast Checkout button?

Custom styling can either be done with custom CSS or by adding a class in the tk_show_button function.

Why is my Fast Checkout button not shown?

There could be a few reasons why the Fast Checkout button is not shown:
1. The payment method has not been activated
2. The show on cart/production detail page button is not checked
3. The API-Key and Merchant Token are not entered for the mode (test/production) you are in
4. The product is external

Contributors & Developers

“Tikkie Fast Checkout” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

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Fixed status update cron on deleted orders


Tikkie Fast Checkout WordPress plugin launch


Fixed woocommerce_available_payment_gateways filter


Added test api key field in wizard


Added terms of service functionality
Fixed get_type error on the single detail page (Woocommerce < version 3.0.0)
Changed cURL functionallity to the wp_remote_post function
Added Sanitation POST/GET fields
Fixed cronjobs interference (tk_update_order_status_cron should now be properly removed with tk_unschedule_order_status_cron)
Increased minimum Expiration time to 180 seconds to prevent interference with the tk_update_order_status_cron


Fixed Tikkie-button not showing when only test-keys are entered, now correctly checks based on the chosen mode (test/live)


Added retrieving correct merchant-token for test-mode


Added test-merchant token to settings
Reordered API/Merchant settings


Fixed issue where step 2 was not being saved correctly in the settings wizard (and fixed related PHP-warning)
Added option for saving a seperate test API-key
Renamed test-mode to live-mode and swapped the checkbox (checked = live mode, unchecked = test-mode)
Reordered options in plugin settings
Renamed generic .label class to .normalLabel to prevent styling conflicts


Fixed tk_notification_webhook() to also set address-data
Fixed tk_update_order_status_cron() to set address-data before updating order-status
Updated logging to show how the order-status is updated


Fixed tk_get_order priority to make sure it runs before outputting the customer address-details
Renamed tk_get_order() to tk_thankyou_page_get_order()


Added error handling for parsing the tikkie-create-order AJAX-request
Rewrote cronjob for checking order-status, now checks every 3 minutes, until expiration is passed
Fixed bug where default WordPress permalink-settings would result in an incorrect redirectUrl


Correctly packaged tikkie.css for fixing v1.0.7
We also now save customer-address data to Woocommerce in the ‘expired-order’ cronjob


Rewrote shipping-cost handling to use default Woocommerce-logic
Rewrote populating product-data sent to Tikkie to use actual cart-prices (should improve compatibility with discount plugins)
Added compatibility with ‘YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Premium’ plugin


Fixed some styling issues that could occur with the tikkieBtn


Added compatibility for the Woocommerce Product Bundles plugin


Fixed VAT-calculations on shipping-costs


Removed pr() function which could conflict with other plugins (and is obviously not needed for production)


Fixed compatibility with the WooCommerce Chained Products plugin
Removed some unwanted order statuses from the settings page


Fixed bug where coupons were not applied in the Woocommerce Order
Fixed bug where order not paid with Tikkie were also making API-requests
Fixed order-statusses being changed twice
Fixed styling issue with the Fast Checkout button


Added support for Virtual Products
Added option to set minimum order value for Free Shipping


Initial release: November 16th, 2018