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txt.me – Omnichannel Live Chat, Chat Triggers, Incoming and Outgoing Email

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txt.me – Omnichannel Live Chat, Chat Triggers, Incoming and Outgoing Email


Using Live Chat on Your Blog

Txt.me allows you to provide your customers with the best support possible by offering them quick resolution and answers to their questions in real-time. This increased customer satisfaction will inevitably lead to enhanced customer retention, a boost in revenue, and reduced company costs.

Increased Paying Customers

Happy customers are paying customers. Txt.me allows you to give your customers the information they need, when they need it. Giving them the answers to all of their questions and meeting their needs wherever possible will ensure that you enjoy a revolving door of paying customers.

Customer Growth

The key to customer growth is reputation. By providing your website visitors with answers to their queries, you can be sure that your customers will leave you positive reviews. With txt.me, you can enhance your CX, allowing you to boost your subscribers and, over time, your sales.

Earn Money From Your Blog

A chat feature like txt.me allows you to earn money from your blog by giving you direct contact with potential advertisers. Instead of waiting for days to hear back from advertisers, you can now communicate with them quickly and efficiently through your live chat.

Add a Live Chat Feature to Your Online Store

Not sure if you can integrate a live chat feature on your ecommerce store? Txt.me has got your back! Our omnichannel customer support platform works with all WordPress online store plugins. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to install so you can start offering your customers the best support possible in no time at all.

Convert Visitors Into Customers

Turn website visitors into paying customers by providing them quick and efficient support directly from your website. With txt.me, you can easily guide your website visitors through your sales funnel by making your customer support agents available to them in real-time.

Say Goodbye to Cart Abandonments

With chat triggers, you can remind your website visitors that you’re there to support them and guide them towards resolution. Whether they have a question about your product, deliveries, or returns, your support agents can provide them with the information they need in order to give them full confidence in your brand and products. Say goodbye to cart failures and hello to increased sales!

Increased Customer Satisfaction

By using txt.me on your WordPress website, you can provide full resolution to your customers 24/7. With around-the-clock customer support, you’ll be keeping your customers happy, thus reducing your churn rate and boosting customer satisfaction.

A WP Plugin That Provides Real-Time Support

  • No need to hire a programmer
  • Quick and simple installation in a matter of minutes
  • Fast and light
  • Won’t affect your website’s performance

Customizing Your Live Chat

Personalize Your Chat Window

We believe that branding is everything which is why we created an intuitive interface from which you can customize every aspect of your chat window. From changing the size of the chat window to choosing your own color palette and font, you name it, you can personalize it!

Customized Information Forms

Gain access to your customers’ personal information with personalized greeting forms that allow you to ask for everything from their name, email address, and phone number, among other details. Increase your revenue by creating an open and continuous dialogue with your target audience.

Add Different Language Options

Looking to target a global audience? Txt.me has got your back! Now, you can add different language options to your chat window so that you can clearly communicate with customers, no matter where they’re based in the world.

Put a Face to Your Agents’ Names

People like talking to people and what better way to add a human touch to your live chat than by giving your agents a face? Provide your customers with a personalized experience by asking your agents to add a photo to their profile.

Set Up Chat Triggers

Grab your customers’ attention by setting up live chat triggers that encourage them to start a conversation with your team. With customized live chat triggers you can make sure that your website visitors know that you’re there to help them with any questions they may have.

Agent Widget Reviews

Thanks to the option to leave in-chat agent feedback, you can take full control of your online reputation. No more managing reviews from various platforms. Now customers can tell you how they feel directly from your txt.me live chat window.

Other Incredible txt.me Features

Option for Customer Callbacks

With txt.me, your customers can request to switch to phone call conversations instead of chat by requesting a callback. Aside from allowing you to grow your phone leads, you’re also giving your customers the support they want, in the way that they want it.

Offline Communications

txt.me is an omnichannel customer support platform, meaning that you can stay in touch with your website visitors, even if they’re not at their computers. And, instead of starting new threads on different platforms, your agents and customers can pick up just where they left off from the device and application that they prefer.

Email Integration

Give your agents the tools they need to be as effective as possible by integrating incoming emails into existing conversations. txt.me ensures that your agents don’t have to jump between communication channels to stay in the loop. Now they can see all messages and emails in every channel used.

Send Attachments

Provide your customers with the best and quickest customer support by sending them images, screenshots, and documents with just a few clicks. With txt.me, agents can send attachments to help customers find resolution, regardless of the channel they’re using. Whether your agents send attachments via live chat, email, or App, your customers can open them from their preferred devices and applications.

Resolve Issues With Screenshots

A picture is worth a thousand words – and that applies to customer support too! Agents can now send specific instructions to customers with in-app screenshots. Now, with txt.me, customers can find quick and clear resolution to their issues by following specific screenshot instructions.

Agent Admin Panel Features

  • Change status between online and offline
  • Enter and exit chats
  • See user URLs in chat
  • Receive and send push notifications
  • Block and ignore specific chats
  • See client information in-app

No Ticket Will Ever Be Left Behind!

Thanks to our multi-level customer support, you can rest assured knowing that no customer support ticket will ever go unresolved. Each time an issue occurs, a ticket is created and sent to an agent. If that agent can’t fix the issue, it will be passed onto an agent or manager who can.

  • Universal Mailbox
  • Hybrid ticket flows
  • Clickable ticket IDs
  • Tags and filtering
  • Personal notes feature


Send us an email to support@txt.me or start chatting with us right now at https://txt.me


Register an account with us here


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Adding Live Chat to Your WP Site

Install txt.me on Your WP Site

Install and activate txt.me on your WordPress website from the Plugins tab on your dashboard.

Create a txt.me Account

Head over to the txt.me website and create an account using your email address. We’ll send you a password via email in just a few seconds.

Download txt.me to Your Device

On your phone and laptop, download the txt.me application and add your customer support representatives.

Test txt.me Is Working

Go to your website and start a live chat with one of your agents to make sure that your plugin is working.


How does txt.me work on WP?

It’s simple really! Your website will have a widget in the bottom right corner that customers can click on to get in touch with your team. By clicking on the widget, they’ll start a live chat with your agent. Alternatively, your agents can send the first message which will open a chat window where customers can reply.

How can I add the txt.me plugin on my WP site?

Go to the Plugins tab on your WP dashboard and search for ‘txt.me’. Click on ‘Install Now’ followed by ‘Activate’.

Here, we share a detailed guide on how to install your txt.me live chat plugin on your WordPress website.

Is the txt.me live chat plugin free?

Yes, it is! We offer a free plan which does not require any card details to sign up. Our Pro plan offers all of the features of the Free plan as well as additional integrations and functionalities such as App integration and the use of a private domain name, among others. The Pro plan is available to purchase on a monthly or a yearly basis, although the annual billing subscription is far more economical. To find out more about our plans, please visit our pricing page here.

What do I need to set up my txt.me plugin?

Getting started with txt.me takes just a few seconds and all you need is an active email address. Once you sign up, we’ll send you a password which you can then use to log in and set up your live chat feature.

When you have installed your txt.me live chat, head over to your website and send a message to one of your agents from your chat window. If the agent receives the message, you know that your live chat is working correctly.

Can I set up my txt.me live chat on my other websites?

Yes, you can! All you have to do is copy and paste the code from one site to the next and you can enjoy your txt.me live chat across multiple domains. We don’t check how many widgets are installed so you can copy your live chat code across domains, subdomains, and subfolders within just a few minutes with no complications.

If you would like more detailed information for setting up your txt.me plugin on your other websites, check out this page.


May 3, 2022
Installed it few days ago, it’s quite good so far, will stay on a free version for a bit and then we’ll see. Design is nice, also quite speedy. Oh, also I’d like to try that “Human chat bot” feature when it’ll become available
March 12, 2022
Looks good at the beginning, but installation process is not user friendly. After creating an account I was stuck with WP intergation, since the WP plugin doesn’t do anything other than linking you to their website. Pasting the code to the website header raised some flags. At that point, I took a deep breath of disapointment and uninstalled it.
July 14, 2021
There is nothing I dislike more than a company that is not transparent about its prices. There is nothing wrong with charging your customers, but you need to be honest about it. You clearly stated that your plugin is 100% free and that we can have unlimited operators. It’s a flat-out lie. The free version can have only 1 operator and there is no e-mail option. Only if I pay €300 a year can I have more than 1 operator and get the chat sent to the customers via e-mail.
July 5, 2021
I highly recommend installing this live chat! The free version is great but the paid version offers even more for the success of your online business. txt.me is easy to install on any website. You can create multiple widgets under one login
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