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SiteOrigin CSS is the simple yet powerful CSS editor for WordPress. It gives you visual controls that let you edit the look and feel of your site in real-time.

We’ve created a site editing experience that will suit both beginners and advanced users alike. Beginners will love the simple visual controls and real-time preview. Advanced users will love the code autocompletion that makes writing CSS faster than ever.


The hardest part of editing your site’s design using CSS is usually finding the correct selector to use. The powerful inspector that comes with SiteOrigin CSS makes this easy. While viewing a full preview of your site, just click on an element, and it’ll help you identify the best selector to use to target that element.

The inspector will help you even if you have no idea what a CSS selector is.

Visual Editor

Don’t like playing around with code? No problem. SiteOrigin CSS has a set of simple controls that make it easy to choose colors, styles, and measurements. Combined with the inspector, you’ll be able to make changes in just a few clicks.

CSS Editor

SiteOrigin CSS has a powerful CSS editor, the likes of which you’d usually only expect from high-end IDEs. It has autocompletion for both CSS selectors and attributes. It also features very useful CSS linting to help you identify issues in your code before you publish your changes.

It’s Free

We’re committed to keeping SiteOrigin CSS free. You can install it on as many sites as you like without ever worrying about licensing. All future updates and upgrades will be free, and we even offer free support over on our friendly support forums.

Works With Any Theme

There’s an ever-growing collection of awesome WordPress themes, and now with SiteOrigin CSS, you can edit every single one of them to your heart’s content. No matter what theme you’re using, SiteOrigin CSS will work perfectly.

Actively Developed

We’re actively developing SiteOrigin CSS. Keep track of what’s happening over on GitHub.


Documentation is available on SiteOrigin.


Free support is available on the SiteOrigin support forums.

SiteOrigin Premium

SiteOrigin Premium enhances SiteOrigin CSS with a Google Web Font Selector. Choose from hundreds of beautiful web fonts right in the visual editor.

SiteOrigin Premium includes access to our professional email support service, perfect for those times when you need fast and effective technical support. We’re standing by to assist you in any way we can.


  • Inspector for finding elements on your site.
  • Simple visual controls, including a background image uploader.
  • A full CSS editor that works in real-time with a preview of your site.
  • Code completion for all your theme’s selectors.


  1. Upload and install SiteOrigin CSS in the same way you’d install any other plugin.
  2. Read the usage documentation on SiteOrigin.


November 24, 2023 1 reply
May 10, 2023 1 reply
Seriously. Enough said.If you have thought up swears in multiple languages trying to deal with selectors and precedence, this tool is TOTALLY for you.My production time just got cut in half. To the fabulous humans who developed this plugin: please make more things. You make beautiful, beautiful things.
May 3, 2023 1 reply
This is one of the best CSS plugins out there. It’s WAY better for custom CSS than the built in WP way. While writing this review, I made two feature requests which would bump it up to five stars. One thing I’m personally missing is a sort of CSS guide. As in, links to the W3C page of that properity for people to read up upon.
April 7, 2023 1 reply
I absolutely love using this plugin to write CSS. It lets you skip using chrome dev tools, making you able to use whatever browser you want, and it allows you to easily find what css ids and classes you actually need to write your code for. This sped up my development process and made me far more efficient.
December 12, 2022 1 reply
I have not a clue about CSS and don’t have the time to learn it. I need to be able to visually change things that sometimes cannot be changed with the theme, and this does the work beautifully. Just select that part of your website you want to change, and with the visual option you can do it quickly and effectively. If you don’t know CSS and don’t want to learn it this plugin is a must. I hated everytime I needed to change some CSS code scouting through the web to see how to write it down. No more. It’s over with this plugin. Many thanks to the creators.
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1.5.10 – 31 May 2024

  • Updated SiteOrigin Installer.
  • Updated Tested up to tag.
  • Updated Required PHP version.

1.5.9 – 11 November 2023

  • Updated Tested up to tag.
  • Updated SiteOrigin Installer.

1.5.8 – 11 August 2023

  • Updated the SiteOrigin Installer submodule.

1.5.7 – 09 August 2023

  • Updated the expand/compress title depending on the state in the visual editor.
  • Updated the “Tested up to” version in the readme.txt file from 6.2 to 6.3, indicating compatibility with WordPress version 6.3.
  • Added SiteOrigin Installer submodule and functionality to handle the installer link and status in the editor and page templates.

1.5.6 – 07 April 2023

  • WordPress PHP Coding Standards improvements.
  • Updated Tested up to tag.

1.5.5 – 30 September 2022

  • Added a check to ensure WP Filesystem is setup.

1.5.4 – 28 September 2022

  • Developer: Introduced definable Custom CSS file name and location using siteorigin_custom_css_file and siteorigin_css_enqueue_css.

1.5.3 – 25 May 2022

  • Updated WordPress Tested up to tag.

1.5.2 – 27 January 2022

  • Updated Tested up to tag to 5.9.

1.5.1 – 30 December 2021

  • Basic Editor Theme Setting: Updated field to show selected option.

1.5.0 – 16 December 2021

  • Basic Editor: Added a dark theme option.
  • Ajax Saving: Resolved unintended slashes added during escaping.

1.4.3 – 29 November 2021

  • Restored editor scrollbar.
  • Added a fixed editor height.

1.4.2 – 08 November 2021

  • Fixed string translation functions.

1.4.1 – 02 November 2021

  • Removed Save button rounding.
  • Fixed Visual Editor Navigate To link functionality.

1.4.0 – 11 October 2021

  • Added Ajax saving. Users can now save in the expanded and visual editors without exiting to basic editor.
  • Expanded/Visual toolbar buttons re-ordered for consistency between modes.
  • Removed Font Awesome. Icons are now added via a custom font.

1.3.2 – 20 July 2021

  • Updated Tested up to tag.

1.3.1 – 10 July 2021

  • Updated the Plugins page action link list.

1.3.0 – 14 June 2021

  • Inspector: Added a new Border Radius setting to the Decoration tab.
  • Allowed for right-clicking anywhere in the Basic Editor.

1.2.14 – 26 April 2021

  • Resolved Photo Gallery by 10Web plugin conflict.

1.2.13 – 01 February 2021

  • Inspector: Added support for WooCommerce single product tabs.
  • Inspector: Highlight important classes when element with class is selected.
  • Restored the scrollbar in the Custom CSS content field.
  • Developer: Further changes for jQuery 3.5.
  • Developer: For WP 4.9+ use the WordPress version of CodeMirror if available.
  • Developer: Removed socss-codemirror-show-hint as a dependency. The script can now be removed to disable hints.

1.2.12 – 12 December 2020

  • Developer: jQuery updates for WordPress 5.6.

1.2.11 – 21 October 2020

  • Fixed Background image setting writing to CSS.

1.2.10 – 09 September 2020

  • Increased the specificity of the Save CSS button styling to prevent plugin conflicts.

1.2.9 – 29 July 2020

  • Resolved Font Family field output.

1.2.8 – 22 May 2020

  • Renamed custom_css textarea to prevent conflicts.

1.2.7 – 19 May 2020

  • Restored Save button functionality.

1.2.6 – 15 May 2020

  • Minor visual editor form styling fixes.
  • Resolved PHP 7.4 preg_replace() warning.
  • Moved the basic editor Save button to the sidebar.

1.2.5 – 05 February 2020

  • Removed themeCSS localized script to prevent preg_replace() warning.
  • Minor form styling fixes.
  • Updated CSS NPM library.
  • Rebuilt minified files using new build script.

1.2.4 – 17 January 2019

  • Prefix so-css for all codemirror assets.
  • Prevent JS error when attempting to set active element to null.

1.2.3 – 25 June 2018

  • Add preview iframe ‘load’ event listener in render function.
  • Reverted change to stylesheet hook.

1.2.2 – 16 June 2018

  • Removed reference to non-existent view.

1.2.1 – 15 June 2018

  • Removed .min suffix from new stylesheets for CodeMirror plugins.

1.2.0 – 6 June 2018

  • Updated CSS library.
  • UI changes to make it more obvious when viewing revision.
  • Ensure revisions are sorted in descending time order.
  • Don’t link to revision currently being displayed.
  • Add search functionality to editor.
  • Enable persistent search and JumpToLine.

1.1.5 – 19 September 2017

  • Use home_url instead of site_url to determine where to open CSS preview.
  • Increment and decrement buttons work when value empty or zero. Also added repeating action while button held down.
  • Scroll editor instead of the whole page so ‘Save’ button is always visible.
  • Set color CSS on visual editor and inspector.
  • Saving generated CSS to stylesheet file in uploads directory.

1.1.4 – 31 January 2017

  • Updated CodeMirror to 2.25.2.
  • Removed extra line padding.
  • Better integration with translation.

1.1.3 – 31 January 2017

  • Removed leading slash in paths after plugin_dir_url().
  • Updated to latest CodeMirror.
  • Fixed padding issue that was causing problems with Firefox and the color picker.

1.1.2 – 11 November 2016

  • Ignore anything other than actual rules in media query subrules.
  • Removed depreciated jQuery function.
  • Updated CSSLint library.
  • Updated minicolors.

1.1.1 – 28 September 2016

  • Properly handle errors in frontend CSS.
  • Added notice about SiteOrigin Premium.

1.1 – 26 September 2016

  • Changed CSS parsing library. Fixed several issues with the visual editor mode.
  • Added address bar to preview window.
  • Small CSS fixes.
  • Small changes to allow adding more visual editor fields.

1.0.8 – 15 August 2016

  • Fixed action link.
  • Support for GlotPress.
  • Removed unused code.
  • Handling of @imports for future addons.

1.0.7 – 4 July 2016

  • Ensure user can copy/paste in editor via context menu.
  • Added plugin action links
  • Add classes on body element to selectors window.

1.0.6 – 24 February 2016

  • Disabled autocompletion on single item (automatic autocompletion).
  • Fixed conflict with NextGen Gallery.
  • Only display relevant linting messages.

1.0.5 – 21 January 2016

  • Updated to latest version of Code Mirror.

1.0.4 – 10 November 2015

  • Fixed CSS parsing when going into visual mode.

1.0.3 – 29 October 2015

  • Changed video image
  • Adjust revision times by GMT offset.
  • Don’t overwrite media queries sub styles, rather just append them.


  • Dequeue functionality that conflicted with WordPress color picker, if it’s enqueued.
  • Removed wp_styles for compatibility with older versions of WordPress


  • Fixed conflicts with CSS editor in SiteOrigin themes.
  • Force dequeue scripts that cause problems with main editing interface.
  • Made it easier to follow links with inspector enabled.


  • Initial release.