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Showcase IDX is the leading real estate search and consumer engagement platform, helping agents, teams and brokers generate leads, improve their websites, and stand out.

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Showcase IDX gives real estate agents and brokers portal-quality property search that is deeply integrated into WordPress. Indexable, and fully mobile-ready


Make your site sticky with portal-quality search for agent and brokerage websites. Modern search options that buyers and sellers love. Showcase IDX’s proprietary indexes to let you search across seamlessly across multiple MLS feeds. The Fastest, easiest way to search.


Drive more traffic with great content that’s optimized for search and social. If you’re not there to attract and capture them, someone else will.


Showcase IDX’s search seamlessly combines advanced map-based searching with the ability to drill down to search detailed MLS features without feeling overwhelmed. Fully integrated map search. Lightning fast search response times. #1 polygon search available for real estate websites.


Gain insights into your clients, prevent opportunities from slipping through the cracks with automated follow-ups, and effortlessly manage your team. It’s included with our WordPress IDX plugin.


Use our shortcodes to embed IDX that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code in just one line. Add property search, maps, or galleries anywhere on your site.


Showcase IDX is the only WordPress IDX plugin that uses server prerendering. Google sees listings and hotsheet content as yours. Our customers see 79% additional traffic from Google.


Apply a custom polygon search to any page. The only IDX that allows for multiple polygon search. Customize the elements on the map. Works great with Neighborhood Pages too.


Showcase your expertise with neighborhood and community pages. Write a short overview and easily apply any predefined custom search to the embeddable results and customize for your local niche. You pick the criteria such as price, keyword, map location, subdivision, etc.


Grow your business with our real estate marketing tips, live CEO Q&As, and exclusive community of agents, brokers, industry experts, and our marketing experts.


“I switched from IDX Broker. I get more voluntary sign ups than I did with old provider. I think that speaks for itself.”

“No solution even compares with what Showcase IDX offer. There is no way I would steer clients towards any other solution.”

“I have used both Diverse Solutions and IhomeFinder. Neither delivered what I wanted. Since switching to Showcase, my bounce rate is down 20%, time spent on my site has doubled, and most importantly I am getting 4x more registrations on my site.”

“No subdomains or Iframes is probably my favorite feature, but at the end of the day it’s about Results. I think the biggest thing is how “sticky” their site becomes. With Showcase IDX, the retention rate is much higher.”

“An IDX Feed That’s Above The Rest! Showcase IDX is a better solution in regards to search rankings. I love the hot sheets and the simplicity to create “hot sheets” for different areas.”

“Best IDX plugin by far! Showcase IDX is now the only IDX I recommend to my clients. Visually, it is stunning and so much better than the other IDX’s. To top it off, customer service is top notch”

“Best IDX Solution out there. No solution even compares with what Showcase IDX offer. There is no way I would steer clients towards any other solution.”

“Best WordPress IDX, period. Simple to use (i.e. low bounce rates and high user engagement), great mapping with polygon search, fantastic mobile responsive functionality, ‘login with facebook’, ultra-fast, and they are always adding or updating functionalities.”

“Converts website leads at a high level. Showcase IDX is leading the way in the world of WordPress IDX solutions. Clients love utilizing the Showcase IDX product with original features not found in any other product.”

“by far the best IDX solution out there. Forward thinking, always improving, with a clear focus on the interface – one of the major areas other providers fail. It feels like everyone else is still playing catch-up all these years later.”


  • Add IDX search to your real estate website using our powerful search widgets and shortcodes for your MLS.
  • Built for mobile. Responsive design adjusts to look incredible on any screen.
  • With Showcase IDX, your clients receive a powerful, mobile app-like experience for phones and tablet.
  • Unique set of consumer tools that are designed to engage visitors to your site quickly and turn them into willing leads.
  • Powerful lead capture tools will capture visitors and our integrated CRM will help you turn them into clients.


  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Once you have an account with Showcase IDX, we’ll go through a paperless MLS confirmation process to confirm your valid MLS membership.
  3. Once we’ve validated your MLS membership, we’ll send you a welcome email with instructions to download, install and validate your Showcase IDX.

Installing in WordPress:

  1. The simplest way to install is to click on ‘Plugins’ then ‘Add’ and type ‘Showcase IDX’ in the search field. Go to our page and click Install. WordPress does the rest.
  2. You should see a message stating that the plugin was installed successfully. Click the Activate Plugin link.
  3. Near the bottom of the left navigation, go to Showcase IDX.
  4. Click the button to activate your site.
  5. That’s it! You can now set up your default search page and start using our shortcodes to add hotsheets and other widgets to your site.1. Sign up for an account at
  6. Once you have an account with Showcase IDX, we’ll go through a paperless MLS confirmation process to confirm your valid MLS membership.
  7. Once we’ve validated your MLS membership, we’ll send you a welcome email with instructions to activate your Showcase IDX.

Installing in WordPress:

  1. The simplest way to install is to click on ‘Plugins’ then ‘Add’ and type ‘Showcase IDX’ in the search field. Go to our page and click Install. WordPress does the rest.
  2. You should see a message stating that the plugin was installed successfully. Click the Activate Plugin link.
  3. Near the bottom of the left navigation, go to Showcase IDX.
  4. Click the button to activate your site.
  5. That’s it! You can now set up your default search page and start using our shortcodes to add hotsheets and other widgets to your site.


What Happens When I Sign Up?

Step 1 – Paperless MLS documentation.
You will receive an email shortly with links to the e-documents for the MLS’s you belong to. We will review your application and ensure compliance with the MLS. This typically can take anywhere from the same day to 5 business days depending on the MLS and how fast we get the signed documentation back from you. Please be sure to read and review your documentation (in some cases it has additional instructions which you must complete separately).

Step 2 – MLS Approval.
Once you’ve been approved by the MLS, we’ll send you your personal IDX key and installation instructions. You will need your personal IDX key to make your Showcase IDX search work on your site.

Step 3 – Installation
We’ve made it as easy as possible to install the plugin on your site, so just follow the written-for-Realtors instructions and you should be good! If you have any issues, email us or call us at 1-800-478-0181.

Do You Have Setup Fees or Contracts?

There are no setup fees or long-term contracts with Showcase IDX. We have monthly and yearly plans. For more information and pricing, check out our [Pricing Page] (

How is the IDX content hosted?

Feel confident knowing that we’re built on the cloud platform that powers Google, Spotify, and Paypal, with 100k miles of fiber optic cable powering your IDX solution.

How frequently is the property data updated?

The Showcase IDX engine automatically checks for MLS updates every 15 minutes for most MLSs.

Will my site get SEO credit for IDX listings?

Absolutely. We integrate deeply with WordPress on your site to create 100% search engine indexible content. Our IDX WordPress plugin turns your website and marketing into a living platform, with drip emails to clients with new listings, continually updated hotsheets and detailed listing pages. Showcase IDX NEVER uses a subdomain (e.g. or iframe.

Is my MLS available?

Read more about our MLS coverage. Please note that some MLSs may charge you a separate fee for access to your IDX feed.

What CRMs do you integrate with?

You can use real-time Showcase IDX lead data to capture and distribute contact information without having to manually add it, trigger marketing automations, and keep close track of their activity on your website. Key integrations include LionDesk, Follow Up Boss, Prospect Converter and 1000s of apps with Zapier to automate your work and find productivity super powers.

What if I don’t have a website designer?

If you’re familiar with WordPress and how to update a theme, you can easily get started today. You can also find a list of approved website developers on our site here.

Where can I learn more about the features and pricing?

Please visit the Showcase IDX website for the latest news and information. Search & Results. Listing Pages. Mapping IDX. CRM Tools.


September 26, 2023
Easiest and by far the best looking IDX that is out there. Support can be a little better, but the product speaks for itself. Glad to have my developer quickly integrate ShowcaseIDX onto my site. About the same pricing as other IDXs and would recommend every time.
October 26, 2021
I've had nothing but issues with Showcase IDX. The plugin caused issues with the load time on my website. I've tried everything (caching, removing other plugins), but it doesn't help. Support, while nice, is really slow and not helpful.
March 2, 2021
This plugin just works. I've tried IDX Broker, ihomefinder, and wolfnet and all of them have data issues. Good luck if you ever want to talk with support at one of those companies. It's been a few months since my move to showcase. There have been a few minor glitches but the transparency from the team has been great and they've been small. and my clients actually use my website now
February 5, 2021 1 reply
Could not recommend this IDX, they have promised features over 4 years ago (when they still offered the old version of the IDX) that still have not been delivered as part of the new showcase IDX. Furthermore when you contact support they are not very responsive, they take DAYS to reply if you even get a reply. Their Facebook group doest not allow new posts as they control everything that is posted there and of course they only allow positive feedback be posted, they don't approve questions or feedback on their product. They said with EXP Holdings acquiring the company it will get better but so far nothing and it has been many many months... Now EXP holdings have access to the leads of every single realtor that ever signed up for showcase IDX.. wow what a conflict, reminds me when Zillow acquired Diverse Solutions (which didn't last long and zillow had to dump it because of all the negativity and pushback around it). Lastly, the Australian CEO of showcase IDX is arrogant, one time he said he is going on holiday, not to bother him that he needs to rest and doesn't care... instead of telling customers to work with the rest of his team. I get people need to rest and take holidays but that is not way to communicate with your customers. Do yourself a favor and go with another IDX... Oh, did I mention for SEO purposes showcase IDX lacks a lot as well. The one thing is nice about this IDX is the design and layout, that is pretty much all they have. Full Disclosure: I am an SEO expert and have built websites that rank #1 in Google competing with Zillow, Realtor, Redfin and so forth. Trust me, this plugin is not good for SEO.
January 25, 2021 1 reply
Our site is getting 10x the results since we moved to Showcsae IDX from IDX Broker in 2020. We had very little organic traffic in the past and very few of the clients we sent to the site actually used it. Is our site where we want it to be yet? No but it is getting better every month. There is no comparison if you're looking at Showcase IDX versus IDX Broker or others. The modern way they deliver IDX data and the home search is incredible. I've seen some agents complain about not getting results or wanting vanity features like sold data. Let me tell you, this plugin works if you do. Consumers love it. Anyone that expects a $100/mo product to beat Zillow in Google search results without work doesn't understand marketing in 2021. Hubspot, Mailchimp, Showcase IDX, Follow Up Boss, or any top marketing solution requires either you to do the work or you to invest in your business and pay someone to do the work. Success starts with the right tools and a good strategy. Do the work and get superior results. Build community pages, invite past clients for listing alerts near their home, use a CRM like Follow Up Boss with it, and your business will grow.
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Contributors & Developers

“Showcase IDX Real Estate Search” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added compatiblity with WordPress 6.4.


  • Fixed warning message.


  • Added compatiblity with WordPress 6.3.


  • Enhancing the error handling capabilities for listings, further aligning with SEO best practices.


  • Added compatiblity with WordPress 6.2.
  • Addresses a PHP issue that occurred for some sites when installing the IDX plugin on PHP 8.


  • Fixed an Elementor theme conflict.


  • New Map Display – Take advantage of Showcase IDX’s new side-by-side map display option on all Premium Accounts!
  • WordPress 6 made changes to how plugins can build custom pages. It introduced a new and better way, however, it caused our existing solution to throw a 404. While listing pages loaded without issue on sites, there was an underlying 404 and affecting Google results. As a temporary fix, we force a 200 status when we render the search page.
  • Added compatibility with WordPress 6.1.1.


  • Corrected PHP 8 issue during plugin activation.


  • Added shortcode for a mortgage calculator widget.


  • Added compatibility with WordPress 6.0.


  • Tested with latest WordPress.


  • Improve SEO compatiblity with Yoast and Jetpack so that they use our SEO metadata for listing pages.


  • Add support for new showcaseidx_nav attributes to control what items are included.


  • Fix bug caused by AdvancedPostCache (built-in to which caused the search page to display the home page instead.


  • Fix compatibility with WordPress 5.5 when WP is configured with certain permalink structures.


  • Tested with WordPress 5.5
  • Improved error handling.


  • New Javascript loading engine reduces plugin incompatibilities.
  • Improved SEO compatibility with latest WordPress API (fixes bug with duplicate titles for Yoast users).
  • Sign up for Showcase IDX directly within the plugin admin.


  • Addressed spelling error on error page.


  • Updates to error page when plugin subscription is in a revoked status.


  • Removing images not relevant to plugin


  • Ensuring compatibility with WordPress 5.1
  • Updates to Readme
  • Screenshots added


  • Showcase widget added in admin dashboard.
  • Showcase dropdown added into wordpress menu bar.


  • Add new shortcode for search results count widget.


  • Fix issue with duplicate open graph tags when used with Yoast.


  • Update plugin read me text.


  • Bug fix


  • Fix bug with canonical tags


  • Add canonical tags for Yoast on Listing Details Pages.


  • Add shortcode for a nav widget


  • Properly render as a 500 error when the plugin fails to load.


  • Fix nested sitemap index error.


  • Update the Tested up to, to signify that this plugin works on the latest version of WP.


  • Bug fixes


  • Text change


  • Add ability to reset plugin


  • Bug fixes


  • Add new short code options


  • Bug fixes


  • Fix problems with menus and other widgets on the default search page


  • Improve the plugin activation process
  • Misc Bug Fixes


  • Bug Fixes


  • Fixes social sharing tags for 3.0


  • Bug fixes for users upgrading from 2.0


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • 3.0 is live!
  • New Customers: You can sign up for an account now at
  • Existing Customers: This plugin will continue to work with the previous product (2.0), so you don’t need to do a thing. If you want to move to the new 3.0 product, we will be emailing you information on the upgrade process and one of our upgrade concierges will reach out to you soon.


  • 3.0 launches Tuesday, May 30th!


  • Bug fixes


  • Fix for improperly-configured HTTPS sites.
  • Support PHP versions with short open tags disabled.
  • Better handling of multiple widgets on the same page.


  • Note: The minimum version of PHP required is now 5.3. We check for this on plugin activation.
  • Fix for hotsheets when multiple widgets are used on the same page


  • Fix a small security hole


  • Allow nested URLs for the default search page.
  • Fix up SEO pages for certain MLSs.


  • Tested on WP 4.3 and higher
  • Updated admin UI
  • Removed the disable routing option. This will make all search results pages use your page template as intended.
  • Listing limit support on slideshow widgets
  • API Key check performs better when the Showcase IDX service is unreachable.
  • Implements an XML sitemap index, which will fix timeouts and errors for MLSs with large numbers of listings. You do not have to make any changes.


  • Fix a bug where certain pages would unexpectedly show the search results.
  • Slideshow widget [showcaseidx_widget_slideshow name=”XXX”]
  • Fix for servers with outdated versions of OpenSSL
  • Fix some shortcode attributes not pulling through
  • Allow more shortcode attributes


  • Contact form and new listings widgets


  • Use SSL for increased security
  • Last updated widget


  • Don’t encode canonical URL
  • Omnibox widget
  • New SEO implementation


  • Tested on WP 4.0
  • Register and Login shortcodes: [showcaseidx_widget_register] and [showcaseidx_widget_login]
  • SEO fix for Apache
  • Add option to disable router for main search
  • Fix custom hotsheets with quote characters


  • Support Yoast SEO plugin with canonical URLs
  • Fix SEO for certain WordPress installs
  • Fix SEO listings for some MLSes
  • Use SSL for API calls
  • WordPress 3.9 compatibility
  • Fix for network timeouts
  • hide_map and hide_search for hotsheets
  • Improved SEO


  • Complete upgrade of Showcase IDX
  • Added responsive templating and mobile versions
  • Upgraded search to ElasticSearch
  • Redesigned search and agent admin interface


  • Initial public version of Showcase IDX.