Mooberry Book Manager


Mooberry Book Manager is an easy-to-use system for authors to add books to their WordPress websites.

No coding is necessary to use Mooberry Book Manager. Adding books is as easy as filling out a form. Include as much or as little information as you want, including the book cover, links to purchase the book, reviews of the book, an excerpt, and more.

Each book can be linked to as many book store retailers to you want. You can even use your affiliate links!

Mooberry Book Manager will create a page for each book, ensuring a consistent look on all of your pages.

Organize your book into grids with just a few clicks. Grids can include all of your books or a selection of books, and you choose how they are ordered. You can create multiple grids; for example, an “Available Now” page and a “Coming Soon” page. Grids update automatically when you edit or add books. Set it and forget it!

Feature books on your sidebar with four options:

  • A random book

  • The newest book

  • A book that’s coming soon

  • A specific book

Mooberry Book Manager works with your chosen theme to provide a consistent look throughout your website.

Requires WordPress 3.8 and Javascript.

Mooberry Book Manager can be translated into other languages! See Other Notes for more information.

Getting Started with Mooberry Book Manager

After installing and activating Mooberry Book Manager, you’ll now have a Books menu. Use that to add your books to your website.

In order for your books to appear on your website, you need to add a Book Grid and/or a Widget.

To Add a Book Grid:

  • Go to Book Grids -> Add New

  • Give the Book Grid a name to help you remember what kind of grid it is

  • Choose the books, grouping, and sort order

  • Save the grid.

  • On any page, blog post, etc. on the text editor will be a button that says Add Book Grid. Click that and select a book grid.

  • Save your page and view it. Click on any book to see the details of the book.

To Add a Widget:

  • Go to Appearance -> Widget

  • Drag the Mooberry Book Manager Book Widget to the Widget Area of your choice

  • Choose the book to display

  • Save the widget and view your website. Click on the book cover to get the details of the book.

Additonal questions?

Check out the documentation and support page.

Now Available

  • Additional Images – Display additional images for a book beyond a single book cover, and add a video trailer.

  • Advanced Widgets – Adds two additional sidebar widgets, as well as additional functionality to the existing Book Widget included with Mooberry Book Manager.

  • Multi-Author – Makes Mooberry Book Manager work for publishers, authors with multiple pen names, author groups, or for any other website that lists books by more than one author.

  • Retail Links Redirect – Magically redirects readers to retailers so you don’t have to update your e-books after publishing.

More extensions coming soon. If you have suggestions for a new extension, feel free to email me at

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Multi-Site Compatibility

  • Versions 2.4.4 and earlier work with WordPress Multi-Site if you don’t use Network Activation. If each blog activates Mooberry Book Manager themselves, it should work.

  • Versions 3.0 – 3.0.4 do not work with WordPress Multi-Site in any way.

  • Versions 3.1 and above work with WordPress Multi-Site both with and without Network Activation.

Caching Plugins Compatibility

Versions 2.4.4 and earlier should work with caching plugins as-is. If your book pages or book grids aren’t refreshing when you add/update a book, you may need to manually clear your cache.

Versions 3.0 – 3.0.4 do not work with W3C Total Cache. An error will be thrown. These versions work okay with WP Super Cache.

Versions 3.1 and above work with both W3C Total Cache and WP Super Cache with the following notes:

  • W3C Total Cache – You must turn on Object Caching in W3C Total Cache’s settings for Mooberry Book Manager data to be cached. Book data cache is automatically cleared when a book is updated, added, or deleted so your book pages and grids should stay up-to-date.

  • WP Super Cache – When a book is updated, added, or deleted, the cache for the entire site is cleared. Unfortunately, WP Super Cache does not seem to have an option for selectively clearing some cache and not all of it.

  • Use another caching plugin? If you are having problems using it with Mooberry Book Manager, please contact us and let us know what plugin you are using and what the issue is.


  • English

  • German

  • French

  • Serbo-Croatian

  • Spanish

  • Russian

  • Italian

  • Greek

  • Brazilian Portuguese

NOTE: Mooberry Book Manager is translatable. If you’d like to volunteer a translation for your language, the template file (.pot) is available in the languages folder. Contact us when your translation is ready or if you need assistance. You can also enter your translations on here:

  • Thanks to Kathrin Hamann for providing the German translation!

  • Thanks to Cyrille Sanson-Stern for providing the French translation!

  • Thanks to Web Hosting Geeks for the Serbo-Croatian translation!

  • Thanks to Ana Gomez for the Spanish translation!

  • Thanks to Sergey Kryukov for the Russian translation!

  • Thanks to Fabrizio Guidicini for the Italian translation!

  • Thanks to Eleni Linaki for the Greek translation!

  • Thanks to Vinicius Cubas Brand for the Brazilian Portuguese translation!


  • Adding your books to your website is as easy as filling out a form.
  • Mooberry Book Manager creates pages for all of your books, ensuring a consistent design.
  • Manage the books on your website the same way you manage your blog posts and pages.
  • Create custom grids of all your books with just a few clicks. They update automatically when you add a new book.
  • Choose from four types of widgets to feature books on your sidebar.


  1. Upload the entire mooberry-book-manager directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Use the Books menu to add new books.
  4. Use the Book Grids menu to add book gridds.
  5. Add Widgets.


Will Mooberry Book Manager work with my theme?

Mooberry Book Manager has been designed to be theme-independent and should work for most themes. However, as there are infinite possibilities when developing themes and little required standardization, so some themes may not work as expected with the plugin. If Mooberry Book Manager isn’t working for your theme, contact us and we’ll see if we can help.

We have found issues when using Mooberry Book Manager with the Customizr theme. These issues should be resolved with v1.1.

Many theme incompatibilities should be solved with v3.0. If you continue to find problems with your theme, please contact us.

What’s the difference between Download Links and Retailer Links?

Download Links should be used when you are allowing readers to download the book for free.

Retailer Links are used when you are linking to website for readers to purchase your book.

A single book most likely won’t have both Download Links and Retailer Links, unless your book is listed for free at retailers and you are also allowing readers to download the ebooks directly from your website.

What link do I use for download links? How will my readers download the files?

Your ebook files will need to be uploaded somewhere. You have a few options:
1. Upload to a public storage website such as Dropbox.
2. Upload directly to your website via FTP.
3. Upload to your website via WordPress’ Media Libary. Note: WordPress does not allow you to upload .epub and .mobi files. You’ll need to compress them into .zip files before uploading.

The link you enter on the book page should point directly to the file to download.

Can I use affiliate links?

Of course! Mooberry Book Manager doesn’t change your link, so you can set your Retailer Links to use your Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or other affiliate code.

On the Moobery Book Manager Settings -> Retailers page you can list an affiliate code for each retailer. For example, Amazon’s code would look something like this:


Different retailers and affiliate programs use different ways of formatting the links for tracking affiliates. Choose the method your program uses.

If your affiliate links look like this, choose After Book Link:

If your affiliate links look like this, choose Before Book Link:

(Hint: For Amazon, use After Book Link.)

Once you enter your affiliate codes into the Retailers Settings screen, all of your book links will automatically use any affiliate codes that apply. So, if you entered an affiliate code for Amazon, every book that has an Amazon buy link will use that code in the link.

Why is there no Author field?

Mooberry Book Manager is designed to be used by the author on the author’s website. In this case, the author name would always be the same, and it’s already written all over the website.

There are cases though when you might want to have an Author field. You might be an author who publishes under multiple pen names and has a single website. You might be a small publisher who works with multiple authors. Or you might not be an author at all, and using Mooberry Book Manager for a different purpose, such as for a book club. In those cases you have two options:

  1. To simply display the author name, you could use another field, such as Subtitle, to display that information.

  2. For more advanced handling of author names, use the [Mooberry Book Manager Multi-Author plugin] ( This will allow you to have a bio and photo of each author as well as advanced filtering and sorting on Book Grids based on author.

Does Mooberry Book Manager work with WordPress Multi-Site?

Versions 2.4.4 and earlier work with WordPress Multi-Site if you don’t use Network Activation. If each blog activates Mooberry Book Manager themselves, it should work.

Versions 3.0 – 3.0.4 does not work with WordPress Multi-Site in any way.

Versions 3.1 and above work with WordPress Multi-Site both with and without Network Activation.

Does Mooberry Book Manager work with caching plugins?

See the Other Notes section for information about using caching plugins with Mooberry Book Manager.

Additional questions?

Check out the documentation and support page.


June 26, 2019
If this plugin didn't exist, I was thinking of developing it! But it exists and it's brilliantly done, I imagine there's hundreds of hours of work put into it. I'm using it on an Author's website and will probably migrate another author's site to use this too, to make it easy for that author to make adjustments without mucking with my custom html code that aligns books and text, vendor links and reviews. The digital download and excerpts I look forward to educating my clients on. I stupidly completely missed the separate Settings tab in Admin, for the first couple days of using it, so I am updating my review removing mention of a few workarounds I did, but turns out there's a setting for that!
August 3, 2018
This was the only book plugin that I could find that met all my specs, for example adding quotes from book reviews to the book with links to the full, original review. And support is also very good - got quick and helpful replies to my questions.
July 1, 2018
I love this plugin and am using it for so many of my author clients. It is easy to use, customizable, and the amount of things it can do for your site is amazing. If you are an author, do yourself a favor and download this plugin! You won't regret it. 🙂
February 21, 2018
We run a small press for both our own writing as well as anthologies we publish. We'd previously used static pages, but it started to become unwieldy. This plugin really helped us get our book pages more organized and standardized. We recently added the multi-author extension, and it's made the plugin even more valuable.
October 18, 2017
Mooberry Book Manager, along with the multiple author extension provides small publishers with an absolutely unique tool to promote your books and to make your web site ever more professional while minimizing your work. There really is nothing like it. Additionally, the level of support I've gotten from Christie is amazing. Her code skills are great, and her ability to parse questions and develop clever solutions to complex problems. I can't recommend it highly enough.
Read all 37 reviews

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“Mooberry Book Manager” has been translated into 1 locale. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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  • Fixed: obscure PHP notice on some settings configurations


  • Updated: iBooks updated to Apple Books in list of Retailers that come pre-installed with MBM


  • Fixed: Bug in logic to remove genre, series, and tags from quick/bulk edit in WP5.1+ was bringing them back in WP5.2
  • Fixed: Allow MBM3.0 data migration to happen in MBM4.0+ for users who have not kept plugin updated


  • Fixed: Removed genre, series, and tags from quick/bulk edit for WP version 5.1 and higher, due to possible bug in WP 5.1 causing the fields to empty out when saved


  • Fixed: A change in WP 5.1 prevented tags, genres, series, illustrators, editors, and cover artists to not save correctly


  • Fixed: Error causing affiliate code to output twice in bottom list of links on book page


  • Fixed: Removed HTML tags from meta tags (SEO)


  • Added: Support for new Multi-Author feature


  • Fixed: SQL bug relating to Multi-Author


  • Fixed: Version 4.0.19 erroneously removed Publisher as a group by option in book grids


  • Fixed: Issue with book with future publication date not showing date on book page


  • Fixed: Previous update erroneously removed Publisher as an option in book grids
  • Fixed: Check for object_id in menu object just in case of odd theme or plugin conflicting?
  • Fixed: Fix bug that wasn’t setting MBM Tax Grid Page on activation


  • Updated: Internal changes to support future features


  • Fixed: Fatal error: Declaration of CMB2_Type_File::render() must be compatible with CMB2_Type_Text::render($args = Array) on Settings-> Book Page. (caused by error in included library CMB2 when used with PHP 7.2 )
  • Added: Brazilian Portuguese translations ( thanks Vinicius Cubas Brand! )


  • Updated: Improved mobile layout for book pages
  • New: Compatible with Duplicate Post so that books can be duplicated into new posts


  • Fixed: Compatible with Yoast SEO to use the book’s summary as content for analyzing


  • Fixed: bugs when importing/exporting books with publishers


  • Updated: Compliant with WP 4.9: allows shortcodes in widgets without using global $post
  • Various bugs/refactoring


  • Issues with previous update being recognized by wordpress


  • Fixed: bug in grid book image


  • Fixed: Add comment support to books
  • Fixed: Add support for quick/bulk edit for extensions


  • Fixed: Output paragraph and styling on tax grid descriptions
  • Fixed: Display H1-H6 headings in the summary as inline
  • Fixed: Tax Grid page creation no longer broken
  • Fixed: Backwards compatibility issues when upgrading from very old versions


  • Added: Compatibility with future updates


  • Fixed: Allow post types allowed to have book grid shortcode button to be customized


  • Fixed: Retailers, Publishers, and Formats now display in alphabetical order in drop down lists
  • Fixed: Series, Tags, Genres, Cover Artists, Editors, and Illustrators now included in Book Grid selection even if no books have been added to them yet
  • Fixed: search issue


  • Fixed: Bug with backwards compatibility with MA


  • Changes to support upcoming features


  • Fixed: Problem with author sorting on grids with Multi-Author ( requires Multi-Author v1.12+ )


  • Fixed: Permissions for Illustrators


  • Fixed: Issue with affiliate code not using before position properly


  • Fixed: Issue caused by version 4.0.5 preventing books from being saved


  • Fixed: Issue causing widgets to be removed. Widgets may still be removed after THIS update, however they should not be going forward. I apologize for the inconvenience


  • Fixed: error on License Activation screen when there’s only one extension installed
  • Fixed: only return 1 book for book widget when used with multi-author extension


  • Fixed: Truncate meta description around 200 chars
  • Fixed: Add description, open graph, and twitter card meta tags to taxonomy grids


  • Fixed: don’t use cropped images in grid
  • Fixed: allow shortcodes in before/after grid descriptions
  • Fixed: fixed code to migrate tax grid before/after descriptions


  • Fixed: bugs


  • Fixed: Edition size (width/height) no longer rounds to nearest whole number
  • Added: Ability to import and export books (for backup and site migration purposes)
  • Added: Open-Graph meta tags compatible with FB for sharing. Adds book cover, title, summary, and ISBN.
  • Added: Twitter Card meta tags to enhance sharing on Twitter. Adds book cover, title, and summary.
  • Added: Meta description tag with series, genre, purchase links, and summary info added to single book page.
  • Added: Ability to override open-graph, twitter card, and meta description tags set by Yoast’s WP SEO on single book pages
  • Added: Schema meta tags for type Book to enhance SEO on single book pages and book grids. Adds title, cover image, publication date (single book page only), and genre (single book page only).
  • Updated: Taxonomy Grids changed to a shortcode on a specific page to increase compatibility with themes
  • Updated: On book grids, uses smallest image size needed to accomodate size chosen for grid to retrieve cover image
  • Updated: re-written code base, improved cachin


  • Fixed: Adds page class to tax grid pages to better fit with themes


  • Fixed: handle splitting excerpts even if no paragraph tags exists
  • Updated: Change label to “Available on” for books that aren’t published yet
  • Updated: Use scrolling boxes for all multichecks


  • Fixed: Width/Height in Editions no longer rounds to nearest whole number
  • Updated: Kindle Live Preview now uses ASIN instead of iframe code


  • Fixed: Publisher, Illustrator, Cover Artist, Editor, and Review website links open new browser tab
  • Fixed: Illustrator permissions


  • Updated: Put a note to not use currency symbol in price
  • Fixed: Do an extra check on edition’s format before printing out


  • Fixed: Bug about missing argument in Advanced Widgets
  • Fixed: Bugs wth Add Book Grid button
  • Updated: Added Add Book Grid button to summaries, excerpts, additional info on book pages
  • Fixed: Don’t cache random widgets


  • Changed: Excerpt removed from search


  • Updated: compatibility for upcoming version
  • Added: finer tuning of taxonomy capabilties
  • Added: Jr Librarian role, correlates to Contributor WP role
  • Added: MBM Admin role


  • Fixed: Problem with GeneratePress theme and Cover Artist/Illustrator/Editor websites
  • Updated: Updated book grid filters


  • Fixed: Improved styling around “Available on” verbage on Kindle image


  • Updated: New Amazon and Kindle images to comply with Amazon’s trademark usage policies
  • Updated: added “Available on” verbage above Kindle image to comply with Amazon’s trademakr usage policies
  • Updated: License checker for extensions (per Easy Digital Downloads update)
  • Fixed: errors with Add Book Grid popup when there are multiple on the page (ie the book edit page)
  • Fixed: translation issues on book grids groupe dby taxonomy
  • Fixed: Ensure “Download Now”, “Editions”, and “Reviews” don’t display if there is no data


  • Updated: Users in Author WordPress role can now add new genres, tags, series, editors, cover artists, and illustrators


  • Fixed: Book Grid can now be used on book pages
  • Fixed: When a search is done, the proper template is used when a book is on of the results
  • Updated: WordPress 4.7 compatibility


  • Fixed: bug when series order was not a whole number


  • Fixed: Subtitles can now be 255 characters
  • Fixed: Compatible with earlier versions of PHP
  • Fixed: translations added for book grid headings for genre, series, tags, etc.
  • Updated: changed book grid headings for genre, series, tags, etc. for easier translation


  • Fixed: translations not loading


  • Improved: Better affiliate handling — now set affiliate codes on the Retailers page
  • Improved: Added publisher column to searches
  • Added: Ability to use Kindle Live Preview for excerpt
  • Fixed: process shortcodes in excerpts too

For revision history of older versions, please see