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WordPress SMTP & Email Delivery service

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Is your WordPress email not reaching your customer’s inbox? We can help!

MailHawk is the FIRST email solution specializing in WordPress email delivery.

With MailHawk you can rest assured that your…

  • Account registration emails
  • WooCommerce order confirmation email
  • Password reset emails
  • LifterLMS notifications
  • LearnDash emails
  • Easy Digital Downloads renwal reminder emails
  • Groundhogg broadcast emails
  • MailPoet Newsletter emails
  • BuddyBoss emails

Will reach the recipients inbox!

πŸ“§ How does it work?

MailHawk is an SMTP plugin & SMTP service all-in-one! Which means we’re your one stop shop for sending emails from WordPress.

To get started all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Install MailHawk on your site!
  2. Connect your WordPress site the the MailHawk service.
  3. Pick a plan that fits your needs.
  4. Configure your DNS records.
  5. Start sending email!

πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Who will benefit from MailHawk?

Any WordPress website that needs to send emails needs a WordPress SMTP service like MailHawk!

It will especially help send emails from plugins like:

  • Groundhogg
  • WooCommerce
  • LearnDash
  • LifterLMS
  • BuddyBoss & BuddyPress
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • And more…

πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ Who is behind MailHawk?

Our team is made up of people who’ve spent a long time in the email industry!

πŸ‘¨ Adrian Tobey, CEO & Creator of Groundhogg

There are many SMTP plugins and SMTP services, but you always have to get BOTH to work. With MailHawk you just sign up and start sending email right away. No extra services, zero complications. No one is as focused on WordPress email deliverability as we are.

πŸ‘¨ Marc Goldman, CEO of Send13 & Klean13

I’m super excited to bring my many years of email deliverability experience to the WordPress community so we can help more small business have their WordPress emails reach the inbox!


MailHawk is making sending email from WordPress easier and more transparent with these innovative features.


Wondering if your emails are reaching the inbox? You can see your deliverability rate right within the MailHawk dashboard on your WordPress site! Use this information to make adjustments to your emails to improve your deliverability!


MailHawk provides SPF and DKIM authentication methods. This will drastically improve your email deliverability and provide you with a greater chance of skipping the spam folder.


Stop spam from ruining your sender reputation by maintaining a blacklist of emails and domains which are causing you issues. Bounced emails can be automatically added to the blacklist so don’t have to worry about invalid email attacks.


Keep track of your emails and debug email sending failures! You can resend emails, retry failed emails and even see which emails bounced! If you ever need to prove an email was sent you can check the log for up to 14 days after the email was sent! View content, headers and even the raw MIME message if you need to.


Are you using Multisite? MailHawk can be enabled across your entire multisite so you only have to configure it once!


Building a WaaS an not sure how to handle WordPress SMTP? Choose one of our WaaS plans and use MailHawk for all your customers!


  • Pick the plan the best suits your needs!
  • See your delivery reports right inside your WordPress dashboard.
  • Keep track of your emails and view issues with our email log.
  • Authenticate your domain and vastly improve the deliverability of your emails.
  • Prevent abusers from tarnishing your sender reputation by blacklisting offenders.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/mailhawk directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Tools->MailHawk screen to configure the plugin


Is MailHawk a free service?

No, MailHawk requires a paid monthly subscription which starts at $14.97/mo

Are there limits to how many emails I can send?

We have different plans for different volume senders, starting at 40,000 emails/mo

Can I send email from multiple sites with 1 account?

Yes, you can connect multiple sites to one account without paying extra!

Can I use MailHawk for my WaaS?

Yes, we have special WaaS account plans to accommodate WaaS sites.

My emails are going to spam, will MailHawk help?

Yes, MailHawk is specifically designed to prevent your emails from ending up in the spam folder.


August 24, 2021
I was looking for a more robust WP email sending service for my WordPress Multisite install. With MailHawk, I was able to launch a full premium sending service in no time. After I tested the plugin, I had my sites sending emails in no time. The issues that I encountered were answered within 24h. I could not expect more from the MailHawk support. I look forward to seeing a dashboard widget in a future release. For closing; premium sending for my WP emails, was done with setting up my DKIM and SPF, all from within my WordPress site. I installed MailHawk site based, not network activated. This gave me the option, not to include all sites in my network. Keep the good work going.
August 13, 2021
i subscribed for monthly 30k emails. it couldn't even handle 3k emails and collapsed. no customer support whatsoever. choose another provider.
October 16, 2020
I created a WordPress account to leave this review πŸ™‚. I'm really excited and impressed with MailHawk. Their pricing for sending emails is very reasonable and setting up the plugin is so simple. I had an issue early on but their support fixed it quickly. I've used other email services in the past and they are difficult to set up and it's not always clear if they are sending all emails created by WP. With MailHawk they send every email which means reliability and deliverability are sky high.
June 25, 2020
I was first interested in MailHawk because I use Groundhogg but I began loving it for sending all my WordPress emails. Set up of DKIM and SPF is easy and works excellent. Sending emails with a high reputation score is important to me and MailHawk delivers! Their customer support is also top notch.
July 22, 2020
I started out by giving this plugin a 5 start review - it was easy to set up - so nice to see that the reports were right in wordpress - didn't have to leave the dashboard. Then I started noticing a trend in non-delivered emails - not a single delivery for outlook, hotmail, msn and a few other providers. I have brought the issue up with support and they are "working on it" but almost 2 months later they don't have a solution to deliver to Microsoft based emails. Hope they get it sorted out but I can't afford to have all Microsoft based emails rejected - not sure what your email list looks like.
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Contributors & Developers

“WordPress SMTP Service, Email Delivery Solved! β€” MailHawk” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.1 (2021-10-12)

  • ADDED Settings for API KEY so can be changed by support.
  • ADDED Better error messages for adding domains so when the limit is reached it says why.
  • TWEAKED bumped minimum version support for WordPress and PHP to 5.0 and 7.0 respectively.

1.0.15 (2021-01-04)

  • TWEAKED use URL params instead of POST VAR for connect process.
  • TWEAKED use updated PHPMailer Lib from WP 5.5 instead of included one.

1.0.14 (2020-12-16)

  • TWEAKED DNS record now always show in lower case.
  • FIXED jQuery deprecation warnings.

1.0.13 (2020-11-25)

  • FIXED Call to pluggable.php to early.

1.0.12 (2020-11-24)

  • UPDATED Readme.
  • FIXED Search bar not working in the email log.
  • FIXED WooCommerce email address format causing false negatives when validating email addresses.

1.0.11 (2020-09-23)

  • ADDED Better notice with mor context when there is a wp_mail conflict.

1.0.9 (2020-09-21)

  • FIXED Plugins sending and empty string as an attachment causing emails to fail.

1.0.8 (2020-09-11)

  • FIXED Preview/Details modal not working after first click caused by updated jQuery Lib.

1.0.6 (2020-06-01)

  • FIXED bug causing MailHawk not to appear on non-multisite installations.

1.0.5 (2020-05-29)

  • ADDED Additional notice on domains page explaining DNS.

1.0.4 (2020-05-29)

  • ADDED Support for WaaS and Multisite.
  • ADDED Promotion for Groundhogg during guided setup.
  • TWEAKED improved the setup process and UI.
  • TWEAKED improved the DNS screen.
  • FIXED use our own version of the PHPMailer/Exception

1.0.3 (2020-05-27)

  • ADDED Automatically generate plain-text version of email if content-type is text/html
  • TWEAKED Use our own version oh PHPMailer to avoid potential conflicts with other plugins

1.0.2 (2020-05-25)

  • ADDED uninstall file
  • ADDED DNS instructions


  • Initial release