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KAPOW Image Recommendation


If you are a digital content author, KAPOW Image Recomendation, developed by BrightMinded and Dash, can help you speed up the process of finding relevant, free-to-use images and photos to complement and enhance your copy.

This is because KAPOW can read and analyse your copy, infer what the important concepts are and perform targeted searches on various platforms of freely usable images like Unsplash and Pixabay.

Features include:

  • Analyse the entire post/page copy by simply clicking on the KAPOW media button.
  • Select only parts of your page or post to focus the scope of the analysis.
  • Selection works in both Text and Visual mode.
  • Allow for more or less creative freedom when searching images by configuring basic settings of the analyser like degree of topic relevance.

The KAPOW image recommendation plugin comes with a default API Key for the KAPOW Image Recommendation service. With the default API Key, images are sourced exclusively from Unsplash. Contact us to enquire about other image sources.


  • KAPOW currently will not work with the Gutenberg editor and will require the classic editor to be enabled instead.
  • For now, the KAPOW Image Recommendation plugin only works with English text.


  • If you have issues or questions about the KAPOW Image Recommendation Plugin, visit the plugin’s forum.


What does the Threshold slider do in the KAPOW admin settings

Through the Threshold slider you can specify the range of related concepts that you want to allow for the search. Specifically, KAPOW will analyse your copy and identify the core topics. However, a topic can be related to other concepts. For example, if you are talking about knights this could be related to history, literature or even chess. The larger the value you set for Threshold the closer KAPOW remains to the main topics. If you want KAPOW to explore further afield just lower the Threshold value. This typically results in a larger number of images returned. Thus, if KAPOW doesn’t immediately find images, try lowering the Threshold.

What does the Minimum Topic Score (MTS) slider do in the KAPOW admin settings

KAPOW analyses your text to identify the core topics. KAPOW expresses the confidence it has about the relevance of a topic in the form of a score. The higher this score the more confident KAPOW is about the relevance of a topic. If you set a high value to the MTS parameter, KAPOW will dismiss any topics that score lower than that value. Sometimes however, you may purposely want to allow topics that score lower in order to create more variety and surprise in the images returned. The lower the MTS value, the more topics are allowed and therefore, typically, more images will be returned. As above, if KAPOW does not immediately find images, try to lower the MTS.

What does the Number of Images per Keyword (NIK) do in the KAPOW admin settings

It allows you to set the approximate number of image suggestions for each topic and concept extracted from your text.


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Contributors & Developers

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  • This version fixes the text selection bug whereby inserting an image replaced the selected text.