Payment Gateway

Description helps your business offer more payment methods and currencies to more customers. We provide best-in-class payment processing for credit card & alternative payment methods.

We combine gateway, international acquiring, and payment processing services, all through one integration with WooCommerce. So that you can accept more payments and support more customers around the world.

The plugin for WooCommerce allows shop owners to process online payments through the Payment Gateway.

This plugin is an integration of and offers 6 payment modes. This plugin is maintained by

Card Payments with Frames.js

The payment form is embedded and shoppers complete payments without leaving your website. The Frames.js payment form is cross-browser and cross-device compatible, and can accept online payments from all major credit cards.

Alternative Payments

Users can place orders with the following alternative and local payment options used around the world: Alipay, Bancontact, Boleto, EPS, Fawry, Giropay, Ideal, Klarna, KNet, Poli, Sepa, Sofort.

Google Pay Payments

Users can place orders with a Google Pay wallet.

Apple Pay Payments

Users can place orders with an Apple Pay wallet.

Saved Cards Payments

Users can place orders with a payment card saved in their account.

Woocommerce invoicing payment

Merchant can send invoice email to customers for payment.


  • Credit Cards
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • ACH Payments
  • DS 2.0
  • Local Payment Methods

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Contributors & Developers

“ Payment Gateway” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Checkout


From merchant’s WordPress admin
1. Go to plugin section-> Add new
2. Search for “ Payment Gateway”
3. Click on Install Now
4. Click on Activate
5. Click on Settings to configure the module
6. Configure the webhook url in your checkout hub account.

Webhook URL:

After the plugin has been configured, customers will be able to choose as a valid payment method.


What fees are associated with the gateway? uses Interchange++ which offers more transparency than other pricing models. With there are no minimums, no contracts required and pricing is based on your transaction volume and history.

Other payment processors charge a blended rate. We use the Interchange++ model, a payment processing fee structure that standardizes the commissions collected by card issuers such as Visa and Mastercard. The amount varies based on card type, the customer’s issuing bank, merchant location, and other parameters.

Using Interchange++, we pass the fees charged by card brands directly through to you. charges a single, consistent mark-up that never changes, so you’ll have full transparency of your costs and know exactly what you’re paying. There are also no hidden fees, no setup fees and no account maintenance fees. Additionally, you’ll also get:

  • Dedicated account management and service
  • Risk and fraud management tools
  • Integration with all major shopping carts

To learn more about our pricing, visit

What currencies and countries does the payment gateway support?

Countries – the following are supported in the integration:
* Argentina
* Australia
* Austria
* Bahrain
* Belgium
* Brazil
* Bulgaria
* Canada
* Chile
* Colombia
* Croatia
* Cyprus
* Czech Republic
* Denmark
* Ecuador
* Egypt
* Estonia
* Finland
* France
* Germany
* Gibraltar
* Greece
* Guernsey
* Hong Kong
* Hungary
* Iceland
* Ireland
* Isle of Man
* Italy
* Japan
* Jersey
* Jordan
* Kuwait
* Latvia
* Liechtenstein
* Lithuania
* Luxembourg
* Malta
* Mexico
* Netherlands
* New Zealand
* Norway
* Oman
* Pakistan
* Peru
* Philippines
* Poland
* Portugal
* Qatar
* Romania
* Saudi Arabia
* Singapore
* Slovakia
* Slovenia
* Spain
* Sweden
* Switzerland
* Thailand
* United Kingdom
* United States
* Uruguay

Currencies150+ transaction currencies are supported in the integration

How do I contact the Payment Provider’s Support?


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Contributors & Developers

“ Payment Gateway” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



v4.3.4 11 Aug 2021
. Fix conflict with the woo subscription plugin

v4.3.3 29 Jul 2021
. Fix conflict with subscription class

v4.3.2 28 Jul 2021
. Subscriptions-add payment source id on order
. Handle refunds with amount having comma seperator
. Prevent Auth and Capture having same order status on plugin configuration
. Add validation to handle MADA card for apple pay for Saudi Arabia
. Hide place order button when apple pay is selected
. Fix google pay environment
. handle php notices for php 7.4
. Include cardholder name in Frames
. Fix apple pay supported network and country code

v4.3.1 09 Jun 2021
. Add support for mada on apple pay

v4.3.0 14 Apr 2021
. Added support to handle recurring payments via WooCommerce Subscriptions
. Fixed payment declined webhook

v4.2.2 29 Mar 2021
. Fixed 3ds redirection when protocol is https
. Fixed fawry captured webhook
. Hide default place order button when google pay is selected
. Refactor Framejs integration
. Refactor APMs integration

v4.2.1 25 Feb 2021
. Set woo order id in metadata
. Restrict declined reason in error message in case of risk declined response
. Improve order note in backend orders
. Update auto capture flow
. Add support for approved webhook
. Update post meta with payment_captured when payment response status is captured
. Add validation to verify payment id when webhook is sent
. Set order number as reference when capture and refund action happens
. Fix UI for guest users
. Change label in Alternative payments setting
. Fix fawry product mismatch
. Fix message translation in case of declined errors

v4.2.0 25 Nov 2020
. The merchant can perform a partial refund in the Hub and it is reflected in Woo backend.
. The partial refund amount is deducted from the transaction order amount in Woo.
. The notification in Woo specifies that the transaction has been partially refunded.
. The merchant is able to perform a partial refund from Woo backend.
. The merchant is no longer required to use the private shared key for webhook authentication. The new release supports HMAC CKO Signature authentication.
. Core settings persist during update of plugin
. When performing a full refund in the Hub, the notification in Woo specifies that the transaction has been fully refunded.

v4.1.16 26 Oct 2020
. Bug Fix – Removed saved card checkbox for guest users

v4.1.15 29 Sep 2020
. Update Mada bins
. Fixed mada bin file path
. Fixed frames styling
. Added condition to enqueue google pay script only if its selected
. Remove timeout setting to allow iframe to load faster

v4.1.14 09 June 2020
. Display Fawry number in order confirmation page
. Fix fawry product qty in payment request

v4.1.13 09 June 2020
Fix Fawry payment for virtual product

v4.1.12 25 May 2020
Added support for payment declined webhook

v4.1.11 15 May 2020
. Fixed Sepa payment
. Added country validation based on apms

v4.1.10 05 May 2020
. Send integration data in udf5
. Added multi iframe option
. Minor css fix
. Fixed frames fallback localisation for EN

v4.1.9 16 March 2020
. Add display card icon option in module setting
. Add alert when place order is clicked and card not valid
. Add background color in frames field
. Add language fallback for frames localization
. Make translation text_domain uniform
. Fix JCB icon height and width

v4.1.8 17 Feb 2020
. Update frames js integration to frames v2

v4.1.7 12 Feb 2020
. Add function to get authorization value from header in case not apache web server
. Remove sanitize text field from apple token to fix undefined error

v4.1.6 06 Jan 2020
. Fixed cvv check validation
. Auto select new card when there is no saved card
. Fixed apple pay curl issue
. Add validation for shipping and billing address

v4.1.5 24 Dec 2019
. Fixed display issue for cvv field

v4.1.4 20 Dec 2019
. Fixed module settings when saving configuration

v4.1.3 20 Dec 2019
. Fixed settings not getting updated

v4.1.2 12 Dec 2019
. Save default module configuration on initial setup
. Minor bug fix

v4.1.1 09 Dec 2019
. Update plugin name
. Sanitize post fields
. Fixed bug related to mada cards

v4.1.0 18 Sep 2019
· Added support for apple pay
. Removed phone number field from card payment requests
. Fixed klarna bugs

v4.0.2 18 Sep 2019
· Improvements – Update metadata with additional information

v4.0.1 17 Sep 2019
· Bug Fix

v4.0.0 3 Sep 2019
· Woocommerce module for the Unified Payments API