Autoglot – Automatic WordPress Translation


Autoglot provides a service for fully automated (meaning machine-generated) translation and localization of websites and blogs built on the WordPress platform. This translation is generated on-the-fly and then stored in a local WordPress database for further usage. Additional localization steps include translation of meta tags, creating language sitemaps, providing on-the-fly translation updates, setting up language switcher widgets, etc.

Autoglot is an ideal solution for affiliate marketers, content writers, and so on. It does not matter what type of website or blog you own. If it is on WordPress, you can use Autoglot translation solution and increase your audience, traffic, SEO scores, and finally meet your goals faster and easier!

Why Autoglot?

  • Are you a small to midsize business (SMB) seeking a cost-effective solution to expand your online presence internationally? Autoglot is the answer. This WordPress Translation plugin eliminates the complexities of manual translation, providing SMB’s with an effortless way to connect with a global audience. Manage your resources wisely and watch your business reach new heights without the hassle.
  • Enterprise companies often deal with vast amounts of content. Autoglot provides a scalable solution, allowing these enterprises to efficiently translate a large volume of content automatically. By automating the translation process, these companies can significantly reduce translation costs while maintaining a consistent and rapid workflow.
  • Content creators and bloggers, take note! Autoglot empowers individuals and small publishers to break language barriers and amplify their influence. Quickly translate your content without the headaches of manual intervention. With Autoglot, reaching a broader audience becomes a seamless process, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating captivating content that resonates globally.
  • Affiliate marketers, time is money in your world. Autoglot streamlines the process of creating multilingual versions of your affiliate websites. Say goodbye to the need for manual translation and constant site updates. Promote multilingual affiliate offers effortlessly, maximizing your reach and revenue without compromising on efficiency.

Autoglot’s unique proposition lies in its full automation and SEO compatibility. Unlike competitors, Autoglot requires no manual input or oversight for its fully automated translation capabilities. Save time and resources while ensuring accurate translations.

Additionally, Autoglot preserves your SEO-friendly content across multiple languages seamlessly, allowing you to maintain search engine rankings effortlessly as you expand your global footprint.

As a result, Autoglot accelerates the time-to-market for multilingual content. This efficiency enables businesses to launch products, campaigns, and updates simultaneously across diverse linguistic markets, staying ahead of the competition. Autoglot translates and updates content in real-time, ensuring that the latest information is available to a global audience promptly.

Choose Autoglot for unmatched efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and global impact. Transform the way you connect with your audience and start your journey toward global success today.

Autoglot principles

Autoglot is based on 2 principles: “auto” – automatic and “polyglot” – multilingual. It’s created to automatically translate your WordPress blog or website into numerous languages of your choice. Autoglot is fully automatic, SEO compatible, and very simple to integrate.

No subscription required!

Unlike many other translation plugins, Autoglot does not require any subscription and monthly fees just to access and display your translation. We use pay-as-you-go model where users pay based on how much they need to translate. For more information about our pricing, please refer to the FAQ section.

Once your content is translated, it will be stored in your WordPress database and served to your site visitors for free. Even if you stop using Autoglot to translate new content, all pages that have been translated will stay with you.

Additional notes

Autoglot does not modify your original content and does not change your website structure. Your blog always stays safe!

Autoglot currently does not support WooCommerce and other e-commerce and content generation plugins. We can translate only native WordPress posts, pages and other similar content sections. If pieces of content on your website are hard-coded in themes, plugins, or generated dynamically, Autoglot may fail to translate them. However, you can use a separate box in Autoglot dashboard for this kind of strings. They will be translated and used on your pages, where possible.

Autoglot currently supports 49 languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, and many more. For the full list of currently supported languages, please check the FAQ section.

Benefits of Autoglot for Automatic WordPress Translation

Autoglot Attracts New Audience. Did you know that more than 80% of the world Internet audience does not speak or understand English? But the problem is that half of all websites are in English. With Autoglot WordPress Translation plugin, you can translate your website into different languages in a few clicks without paying a fortune!

Autoglot Increases Traffic. Up to 3 out of 4 of all queries to search engines are sent in languages other than English. And for these non-English queries search engines show websites in their native languages. Autoglot is fully SEO compatible, it translates titles and metadata, content and taxonomies. Autoglot will add hreflang tags to your blog; it will also add translated pages to XML sitemaps so search engines can find new pages easily!

Autoglot Means Translation on Autopilot! Of course, you can hire an independent translator, check the quality of their work, create and manage multilingual versions of your website and lose your time and money. Moreover, keeping your translated content up-to-date can be time-consuming and sometimes impossible. The solution is Autoglot: it will translate and update your content on-the-fly, using the best AI neural machine translation solutions.

How to start?

It’s easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Download our plugin from the official WordPress plugin storage and install it on your site.
  2. Register in our Autoglot Control Panel and receive your unique API key.
  3. Finally, add this API key to your Autoglot plugin and choose as many languages as you want for your new multilingual website!

That’s it! Enjoy your new fully scannable, SEO-compatible multilingual website!

How to switch languages?

Autoglot currently offers 3 options where user can switch languages.

  1. Autoglot widget. Simply search for “autoglot” in you widgets and add our widget to your sidebar or any other widgets area. You can choose a type of switcher: language names, flags, or both;
  2. Shortcode. Alternatively, you can use a [ag_switcher] shortcode to add a language switcher to your website posts, pages, popups, etc. See FAQ section for more information about shortcode options.
  3. Popup. Finally, you can enable a popup language switcher. This will add a floating box to your website. By clicking on this box, users will see a popup window with language switcher. This is the best solution if you don’t want to add widgets or shortcodes to your website.


  • Copy your API key from your Autoglot Control Panel and enable translation
  • Choose as many languages as you need for translation
  • Add a widget with language selector
  • Enjoy new visitors on your SEO optimized translated multilingual website


System requirements

  • WordPress 5.0 or greater
  • PHP version 7.0 or greater
  • PHP curl and libxml libraries
  • Rewrite rules

After installing Autoglot plugin

A few simple steps are required after you download and install Autoglot plugin from the official repository:

  1. Create an account in your Control Panel at You will already have an initial translation balance that can be used to check the functionality of our plugin.
  2. Find and copy your Access Key from your Autoglot Control Panel. This looks like “AG_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”. This key should be kept secret and never shared with anyone.
  3. Paste your Access Key in your Autoglot settings page in your WordPress website or blog.
  4. Choose your default language and any number of languages you want your site or blog translated to. We recommend starting with only one language to check your website functionality and then add additional languages if you need them.
  5. Enable Autoglot plugin. You can choose translation to be available for site administrator only. In this way, your visitors will not see the live translation until you check and make sure your website or blog looks good.
  6. You can modify additional settings like hreflangs tags, sitemap files, external links, and so on.
  7. Choose one or more options of how users can switch languages: widgets, shortcodes, or floating box with popup window.
  8. Enjoy your new websites! Autoglot will create a separate version of your website in every new language with a unique easily scannable and crawlable URLs.


Is this free?

  • We do not require any subscription and monthly fees; you don’t need to pay for storage or bandwidth. But you will have to pay for translation – and this is where we cannot offer our service for free because we also have to pay fees to NMT services (neural machine translation providers).
  • Moreover, when you register, you will have an initial translation balance that can be used to check the functionality of our plugin.

How much do I need to pay for translation?

  • Our pricing depends only on your words count.
  • We can offer options where you can pay less than $0.001 per word! This is 100 times cheaper than working with freelance translators.
  • For more information, please check our pricing page.

What is a “Translation Balance”?

  • This is number of words you can translate. You can check and replenish your translation balance via your control panel using a credit card. For pricing information, please check our pricing page.
  • When your blog posts and pages are automatically translated to another language, we will subtract number of words in your content from your translation balance. For example, if your blog post contains 100 words, we will subtract 100 from your translation balance. If you translate your blog post to 2 languages, we will subtract 200 from your translation balance, etc.
  • If your translation balance reaches 0, we will not be able to provide new translation for you until you replenish your balance. However, unlike many other plugins, your previous translations will still be available on your website and will never be disabled until you decide to do so.

Is the plugin SEO compatible?

  • Yes, Autoglot follows all the best search engine optimization practices and creates fully SEO compatible language versions.
  • Autoglot will translate all HTML titles, META tags, markup, take care of all language settings, hreflang tags, etc.
  • Autoglot will also update most SEO plugins’ sitemap XML files and add new language URLs there. You will not have to modify them manually!

Will Autoglot slow down my website?

  • According to numerous tests provided by independent tools, Autoglot does not significantly influence the speed of your sites.
  • Moreover, these minor changes may only be noticeable on translated pages. Your original, non-translated pages will not be affected at all.
  • The process of automatic translation takes some time. That is why when you first open new pages that have not been translated yet, they might be slow – or even fail to load! Don’t worry, no translation will be lost. Once Autoglot completes the automatic translation process, all translated pages will be served from your local DB without delays.
  • Finally, Autoglot supports most of caching plugins like LiteSpeed Cache, SpeedyCache, W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache, WP Super Cache, WP-Optimize, etc.
  • Translated pages are cached by these plugins and delivered to site visitors with increased speed and performance.

I noticed a bad translation string. Can I change it?

Yes, you can! Starting from version 2.3.0, Autoglot provides flexible Translation Editor that lets you manually modify translations. This tool displays all records from translation DB with convenient “search” and “filter by language” functions. There is an option to delete translation records so they will be re-generated. The most important, translation editor comes with “Quick Edit” button to let site administrator, translator or proofreader manually adjust and modify translation.

Can I link to different URLs in different languages?

Yes, this can be done using our “Links Modifier” tool. This will replace links depending on current language, so you can have a link to on your German pages, on your Spanish pages and so on.

Can I embed different images and videos in different languages?

Yes, this can be done using our “Text Replacement” tool. This feature of Autoglot plugin lets you easily change pieces of content on your translated pages. For example, you can change video URLs depending on current language, so you will show different videos in different languages. Additionally, you can localize external links, images, and even your site appearance!

How to use Autoglot shortcode to insert language switcher?

You can use a [ag_switcher] shortcode to add a language switcher to your website posts, pages, popups, etc.

Add a “title” argument if you want to set a custom title of this box: [ag_switcher title = “Website Translation”].

Use a “type” argument in order to select a type of language switcher:

  1. [ag_switcher type = “smallflagslist”] – small flags.
  2. [ag_switcher type = “flagslist”] – large flags.
  3. [ag_switcher type = “languageflagslist”] – list of languages with flags.
  4. [ag_switcher type = “languagelist”] – list of languages without flags (default).

Add “hidebox = 1” argument if you don’t need a default widget-like box around switcher: [ag_switcher hidebox = 1].

What is the quality of machine translation in Autoglot?

The quality of NMT (neural machine translation) has increased significantly lately. According to some experts, the leading machine translation providers can show the quality comparable to medium-level professional translators. Moreover, many of these translators also use neural machine translation systems to generate the initial translation and then slightly proofread it. Sounds weird? Add the fact that you will have to pay them 100 times more.

Autoglot provides reasonable quality for the fraction of this cost. And it is fully automated!

Can I find the list of supported languages?

We currently support these languages. The more languages are coming soon. If you have special requests, do not hesitate to contact our support.

  • English (English)
  • العربية (Arabic)
  • Հայերեն (Armenian)
  • azərbaycan dili (Azerbaijani)
  • Беларуская (Belarusian)
  • bosanski jezik (Bosnian)
  • Български (Bulgarian)
  • 中文(简体) (Chinese Smpl)
  • 中文(漢字) (Chinese Trad)
  • Hrvatski (Croatian)
  • Čeština (Czech)
  • Dansk (Danish)
  • Nederlands (Dutch)
  • Eesti keel (Estonian)
  • Wikang Filipino (Filipino)
  • Suomi (Finnish)
  • Français (French)
  • ქართული (Georgian)
  • Deutsch (German)
  • Ελληνικά (Greek)
  • עברית (Hebrew)
  • हिन्दी; हिंदी (Hindi)
  • Magyar (Hungarian)
  • Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)
  • Italiano (Italian)
  • 日本語 (Japanese)
  • Қазақ тілі (Kazakh)
  • 한국어 (Korean)
  • Latviešu valoda (Latvian)
  • Lietuvių kalba (Lithuanian)
  • Bahasa Melayu (Malay)
  • Malti (Maltese)
  • Norsk (Norwegian)
  • پارسی (Persian)
  • Polski (Polish)
  • Português (Portuguese)
  • Română (Romanian)
  • Русский (Russian)
  • Cрпски језик (Serbian)
  • Slovenčina (Slovak)
  • Slovenščina (Slovene)
  • Español (Spanish)
  • Svenska (Swedish)
  • Тоҷикӣ (Tajik)
  • ภาษาไทย (Thai)
  • Türkçe (Turkish)
  • Українська (Ukrainian)
  • Oʻzbek tili (Uzbek)
  • Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)


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Contributors & Developers

“Autoglot – Automatic WordPress Translation” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2.3.5 (17/07/2024)

  • Removed outdated code that is no longer required
  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 6.6

2.3.4 (27/06/2024)

  • Added “Language” and “Type” filters to translation editor to let site administrators quickly find proper languages and entry types

2.3.3 (26/06/2024)

  • Changed the logic of “Enable translation” feature.
  • Now, site administrator may disable new translations, this will stop plugin from requesting new translations from Autoglot API.
  • Even when “Enable translation” is disabled, plugin will show already translated content.
  • This can be useful to pause new translations in order to prevent excess or unwanted charges, e.g. in sites with user-generated content, etc.

2.3.2 (17/06/2024)

  • Minor fixes in links to translated versions

2.3.1 (28/05/2024)

  • Minor fixes in translation editor

2.3.0 (28/05/2024)

Autoglot Introduces “Translation Editor” for Machine Translation Post-Editing!

  • Translation Editor tool in Autoglot plugin lets you manually modify translations.
  • This tool displays all records from translation DB with convenient “search” and “filter by language” functions.
  • There is an option to delete translation records so they will be re-generated.
  • The most important, translation editor comes with “Quick Edit” button to let site administrator, translator or proofreader manually adjust and modify translation.

2.2.1 (21/05/2024)

  • Added option to advanced settings that will try to skip caching of translated pages in case caching plugin saves and outputs wrong content

2.2.0 (17/05/2024)

  • Improved support of caching plugins, Autoglot now supports most of caching plugins like LiteSpeed Cache, SpeedyCache, W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache, WP Super Cache, WP-Optimize, etc.
  • Translated pages will be cached by these plugins and delivered to site visitors with increased speed and performance
  • Slightly improved css for admin interface, making fonts bigger

2.1.5 (16/05/2024)

  • Added WP nocache function

2.1.4 (16/05/2024)

  • Now prevents caching only translated pages, original pages will be cached

2.1.3 (08/05/2024)

  • Fixed extra spaces between tags and punctuation marks
  • Now adding a space between closing tags and opening next tag, if none

2.1.2 (27/04/2024)

  • Minor fixes with displaying HTML tags in text

2.1.1 (19/04/2024)

  • Removed floating box with language switcher from admin widget area, this is known WP bug

2.1.0 (18/04/2024)

  • New “neutral” flags for English, German, French and Portuguese languages
  • Added an option to display language names in own languages, in English, as ISO code, or combination of these
  • Minor fixes to prevent irrelevant PHP warnings

2.0.8 (05/04/2024)

  • Minor fixes

2.0.7 (05/04/2024)

  • Restored translation and replacement of “Additional Strings for Translation” – strings that are not automatically translated
  • Removed outdated settings that are no longer required in version 2.0+
  • Improved connection performance, now connecting to Control Panel only when required

2.0.6 (20/03/2024)

  • Removed downloading locales from admin when updating list of active languages

2.0.5 (12/03/2024)

  • Corrected links to English pages, no need to show “English (English)”
  • Fixed lists with flags, no need to display bullet points

2.0.4 (07/03/2024)

  • Small fixes in displaying HTML special characters
  • Restored support of direction of RTL languages

2.0.3 (06/03/2024)

  • Small fixes to support translations from previous versions of Autoglot

2.0.2 (06/03/2024)

  • Minor improvements in DOM model for decreased amount of HTML code in translated string/paragraphs
  • Small fixes with DB stats during plugin activation

2.0.1 (04/03/2024)

  • Minor improvements in DOM model for decreased amount of HTML code in translated string/paragraphs

2.0.0 (01/03/2024)

Major update

  • Now parsing whole page instead of content and separate WP sections. This improves overall quality of translation and boosts UX.
  • Greatly improved DOM model processing for decreased amount of HTML code in translated string/paragraphs. This reduces costs of re-translation in case of content updates, decreases DB usage, etc.
  • No longer using built-in WP locales. This means no more updating translations of each plugin/theme, improved speed, decreased files storage.
  • Added translation exclusions using “notranslate” class.

1.5.6 (20/02/2024)

  • Fixed incorrect links to non-default languages that could appear when WordPress is installed in directory

1.5.5 (25/12/2023)

  • Minor fix in word counter

1.5.4 (08/12/2023)

  • Minor fix: “At a Glance” will include word count information only if Autoglot is enabled

1.5.3 (07/12/2023)

  • Added basic information about word count to “At a Glance” section of admin dashboard
  • This includes original word count, number of active languages and number of words that have not been translated yet
  • This ensures site administrator can see current status of translation process

1.5.2 (04/12/2023)

  • Red notification bubble is now displayed and/or number inside is increased if there are words for translation
  • This helps site administrator see that certain posts of pages have not been translated

1.5.1 (01/12/2023)

  • Minor fixes and improvements in word counter

1.5.0 (01/12/2023)

  • Implemented word counter: estimate number of words that should be translated to currently active languages
  • Improved word counter function for plugin stats to support non-latin character

1.4.9 (30/11/2023)

  • Minor fixes in admin dashboard

1.4.8 (08/11/2023)

  • Fixed possible issues with translation/replacement of HTML attribute names

1.4.7 (02/10/2023)

  • Fixed possible issues with adding language code to links that aleady included language code like /articles instead of /ar/articles

1.4.6 (14/09/2023)

  • Fixed possible issues in URLs

1.4.5 (14/09/2023)

  • Fixed possible double slashes in sitemaps

1.4.4 (07/09/2023)

  • Fixed behaviour of floating box when translation is enabled only for admins
  • Corrected jQuery loading

1.4.3 (06/09/2023)

  • Added red notification bubbles to admin menu to further emphasize problems in settings or parameters
  • Minor fixes in admin dashboard
  • Updated translations of plugin to reflect recent changes in admin interface

1.4.2 (04/09/2023)

  • Added red notification bubbles to admin dashboard to further emphasize problems in settings or parameters
  • Fixed adding language to URL, now it appends trailing slash if it does not exist
  • Minor fixes in admin dashboard

1.4.1 (31/08/2023)

  • Added links to currently active languages in admin dashboard

1.4.0 (30/08/2023)

  • Added widget to Autoglot dashboard with current health status of Autoglot plugin
  • This is a handy tool to check whether all Autoglot parameters are OK
  • This also includes links to appropriate resources to fix problems with Autoglot settings and parameters

1.3.1 (10/08/2023)

  • Minor design enhancemens in popup language switcher

1.3.0 (10/08/2023)

  • Added [ag_switcher] shortcode that displays language switcher, this can be used to add language switcher to almost any place of your website: posts, pages, footers, etc.
  • This shortcode can be used with “title” and “type” arguments to show custom titles and different types of languages switcher, please check FAQ for more info
  • Added floating box that sticks to window bottom and opens a popup with language switcher, can be useful for sites without widgets
  • Fixed minor warnings during plugin re-activation

1.2.3 (08/08/2023)

  • Improved setup wizard to display direct links to translated versions of website
  • Fixes and enhancements in setup wizard for easier onboarding
  • Small fixes and enhancements in plugin dashboard

1.2.2 (30/06/2023)

  • Added more flags to languages without direct correlation between language and country:
  • “Neutral” flag for Arabic
  • “Neutral” flag for Chinese Traditional
  • “Globe” flag for all languages with multiple options of countries

1.2.1 (27/06/2023)

  • Added US+GB flag as a default option for English language

1.2.0 (09/06/2023)

  • Introducing a new section in Languages page: Flags selector
  • It is now possible for site administrator to choose the most appropriate flags for each language (where possible)
  • For example, admins may choose either UK or US flags for English language, BR or PT for Portuguese, etc.
  • These flags are displayed in the front-end widgets

1.1.3 (26/04/2023)

  • Now sending blog URL when checking balance – for future statistics in Control Panel

1.1.2 (04/04/2023)

  • Minor changes to ensure WordPress 6.2 compatibility
  • Fixes and changes in admin notices

1.1.1 (14/02/2023)

  • Minor design enhancemens in language selectors

1.1.0 (13/02/2023)

  • Introducing setup wizard for new Autoglot installations to make onboarding process easier!
  • Configure basic Autoglot settings in 3 easy steps
  • Minor design changes in language selectors
  • Improved data validation
  • Improved admin notices

1.0.13 (08/02/2023)

  • Minor bugfixes to prevent possible PHP notices and warnings

1.0.12 (08/02/2023)

  • Minor bugfixes to prevent possible PHP notices and warnings

1.0.11 (08/02/2023)

  • Minor bugfixes in multisite activation process

1.0.10 (07/02/2023)

  • Fixed and improved multisite activation process
  • Now all tables for all blogs are created when network-activating Autoglot plugin

1.0.9 (06/02/2023)

  • Minor but very important enhancements in admin dashboard

1.0.8 (03/02/2023)

  • Additional fixes to prevent possible PHP warnings and notices
  • Now checking that translation table exists to prevent waste of translation balance and potential warnings
  • Some more interface enhancement

1.0.7 (03/02/2023)

  • Small fixes to prevent possible PHP warnings and notices and ensure compatibility with PHP 8+

1.0.6 (02/02/2023)

  • Now trimming text, default, title etc records before storing and translation to reduce risks of re-translation

1.0.5 (02/02/2023)

  • Further enhanced removing of line breaks and extra spaces for better performance and reduced risks of re-translation in case of changes in HTML
  • In case you need to update your DB, please proceed to Utilities, then “Custom DB update” and then confirm at the bottom of the page

1.0.4 (01/02/2023)

  • Now removing line breaks only between list items (WP changed output some time ago)

1.0.3 (01/02/2023)

  • Now removing line breaks before translating and saving content. This is required in case WP changes formatting of original HTML

1.0.2 (10/01/2023)

Happy New 2023 Year!

  • Small interface corrections in admin dashboard

1.0.1 (27/11/2022)

  • Added number of translated words to plugins stats page
  • Added links to support pages
  • Small interface enhancements in admin dashboard

1.0.0 (16/11/2022)

We are thrilled to introduce version 1.0.0! This does not include many modifications, but this is finally what we can call v.1.0!

  • Minor modifications to prepare plugin launch
  • Removed unused code
  • Removed unused functions from admin pages

0.9.11 (09/11/2022)

  • Fixed login/logout URLs, removed language ID

0.9.10 (09/11/2022)

  • Fixed possible error with wrong “alternate hreflang” tags

0.9.9 (08/11/2022)

  • Fixed bug with escaping content in admin’s textareas

0.9.8 (07/11/2022)

  • Improved DB performance by removing temporary records
  • Improved translation performance: now checking balance before trying to translate
  • Backup SQL will be shown in textarea instead of downloading to prevent errors on some servers

0.9.7 (02/11/2022)

  • Fixed bug with output of translated ul lists
  • Removed “type” of translated phrase from DB to improve performance
  • Added “Utilities” page to allow removal of empty and duplicate translation records from DB
  • Now removing empty tags and comments before and after excerpts in order to reduce costs of translation and DB storage
  • Added backup feature to allow custom backups of translation DB
  • Dashboard stats page now shows size of translation DB

0.9.6 (19/10/2022)

  • Fixed problem with wp_trim_words which counted words in default language in a wrong way after switching locale where it counts words based on single characters (e.g. East Asian characters)

0.9.5 (18/10/2022)

  • get_the_excerpt will output text, not HTML (default for WordPress)
  • Showing plugin version number in Autoglot Dashboard (why not?)

0.9.4 (17/10/2022)

  • Fixed bug with excerpts translations
  • Default strings will not be translated to English (they are already in English)

0.9.3 (14/10/2022)

  • Autoglot does not translate all the tags and categories by default now; instead, we translate only those related to current page’s posts
  • Fixed bug when displaying translated content

0.9.2 (12/10/2022)

  • In order to reduce translation costs for our clients, Autoglot now uses custom-generated HTML titles on certain pages: search results, categories, tags, taxonomies, author, and archive pages. Otherwise, each title will be translated for each tag, category, and even each new search request
  • This option can be switched on/off in Advanced settings

0.9.1 (11/10/2022)

  • Improved speed of translation, fixed a bug with multiple translation entries in DB
  • HTML title on search page will not be re-translated with each new search to minimize translation costs

0.9.0 (26/09/2022)

Another major update with lots of changes

  • Added 7 more languages, fixed incorrect flags
  • Added e-mail notification when translation balance is not empty but is not enough to translate a piece of text
  • Fixed possible character set & collation errors when creating or updating DB
  • Fixed possible warning with one of internal constants, all constants moved from public static to const for better security
  • Low balance notifications will not be repeated until after certain amount of time. This can be adjusted in Autoglot settings, default is 1 hour
  • Small interface enhancements and improvements

0.8.0 (01/09/2022)

Major update

  • Completely re-written/improved DOM model processing for decreased amount of HTML code in translated string/paragraphs. This improves overall quality of translation, reduces costs for re-translation in case of content updates, decreases DB usage, etc.
  • Fixed bug when pure HTML appears in content.

0.7.14 (06/06/2022)

  • Fixed integration with Google XML Sitemap plugin after they changed settings

0.7.13 (31/05/2022)

  • Fixed bug with text encoding

0.7.12 (26/05/2022)

  • Replaced PHP open tag to full version for better compatibility
  • Added support of RankMath SEO plugin for: opengraph/metatags/titles translation, full sitemaps with translated pages

0.7.11 (24/05/2022)

  • Fixed contact forms showing incorrectly due to issues with code validation

0.7.10 (19/04/2022)

  • Switched off caching via WP Super Cache. WPSC plugin may occasionally prevent delivery of translated content. Will enable integration in future to let WPSC store translated content.

0.7.9 (25/02/2022)

  • Fixed unnecessary data sanitization which caused problems with output of manual translation strings
  • Corrected minor issues, small bugfixes

0.7.8 (01/11/2021)

  • Excluded translated pages from caching by Endurance Page Cache plugin. EPC plugin may occasionally prevent delivery of translated content.

0.7.7 (27/09/2021)

  • Disabled PHP mail function that causes warnings on some shared hostings. Now using only built-in wp_mail function to send balance notifications.

0.7.6 (24/09/2021)

  • Converted separate flag images into one CSS sprite. This will improve download time, save occupied space and increase page speed.

0.7.5 (30/08/2021)

  • Now sending site URL in translation request for statistics in Autoglot Control Panel

0.7.4 (26/08/2021)

  • Added “Dashboard” and “Settings” action links to Admin Plugins page

0.7.3 (25/08/2021)

  • Fixed “empty balance” notification in case of connection problems

0.7.2 (05/07/2021)

  • Added and improved data sanitization and validation
  • Corrected minor issues, small bugfixes
  • Removed unused files

0.7.1 (02/07/2021)

  • Fixed incorrect translation of page descriptions caused by changes in Yoast SEO plugin

0.7.0 (27/06/2021)

  • Fixed “low balance” notification warnings, now sent from wordpress@site.domain instead of admin email
  • Added and enhanced data sanitization and validation

0.6.1 (25/05/2021)

  • Minor modifications to prepare plugin launch
  • Removed unused code
  • Removed unused admin pages

0.6.0 (01/03/2021)

  • Implemented DOM class
  • Page content processing using DOM class
  • Save and remove all attributes before translation, restore after translation
  • Minimized DB usage, other optimization steps

0.5.0 (01/01/2021)

  • First MVP